DJ Celeste Lear

DJ Celeste Lear

 San Francisco, California, USA

Combining luscious synthesizer layering, driving drum beats, meaningful lyrics and enveloping melodies, this Diva of the Digital Domain is a hot up and coming talent in both the music production, artist remix and DJ world. House music, EDM, electro, downtempo electronica and jazz/soul are tastefully and creatively blended together creating Celeste's sophisticated, moody and modern soundscapes


With an exciting and productive 12 year ride as a professional electronic music producer, DJ and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist under her belt and a definite knack for batting out track after track of sophisticated and cutting edge electronic music and remixes, DJ Celeste Lear is a truly tenacious and visionary independent artist of the digital age with an unquenchable thirst to create inspiring and groundbreaking new music to inspire her listeners with. With a penchant for writing music that combines traditional elements of pop, soul and jazz with the newer genres of downtempo electronica, EDM, trip hop, glitch and dub this modern day singer songwriter creatively fuses together unique melodies with bouncy drum beats, luscious sonic layering and adds her personally reflective and poetic lyrics in music that has been likened to Bonobo, Thievery Corporation, Tycho, Tokimonsta, Moby, Zero 7, Gramatik, Little Dragon, Ninja Tune, etc.

"Lear is an artist/producer with an edgy and intricate vision." - Music Connection Magazine 

"DJ Celeste artfully crafts an amazing musical journey so all 300 dancers can really get their freak on! Fun and heartfelt, Celeste is a true dancer's DJ.” Donna Carrol (Ecstatic Dance Founder) 

"DJ Celeste Lear is a hot new artist fusing her programming, guitar playing and vocal skills into some sexy down-tempo electronic music." - 

Hailing from the underground music scene of Los Angeles and San Francisco with a set of career highlights that truly depicts today's modern female in the music industry such as, the opening of her own independent label "Boutique Electronique Records" in 2006, self producing, releasing and marketing of 4 solo Albums "The Echo Inside", "Looking Up From Underwater", “Cloud 9.1”, “Sonic Fields” and compilation CDs “Digital Bliss” Volumes 1 and 2 (Featuring strictly female talent from the electronic music world), extensive work as a professional DJ and remix artist, song placement on over 30 compilation CDs, television, Independent films and commercials, obtaining a degree in sound engineering and music business, working as a music supervisor in Los Angeles and running and operating her own mobile event sound and DJing business.

All this plus she is deaf in her right ear from a car accident she endured when she was 16... Not too shabby for a music producer who is completely deaf in one ear! 

Of the same jet set clan as her visionary grandfather, Lear Jet and 8-Track inventor William P. Lear, Celeste continues on the family's tradition of hard work, creative vision and just a bit of flashy show off just for good measure. "It would only seem fitting that the granddaughter of the inventor of the 8-Track cassette would have music in her genes." (Editor, Reno Gazette Journal).

Celeste has most recently was hired as a music director for 2 high tech multi-media installtions for UNESCO’s 70th anniversary in Paris and also had her song “Light through The Branches” featured on Fox Network’s Hit TV Show “So You Think You Can Dance”. She has collaborated with producers and musicians Carmen Rizzo, Rena Jones, ViolinGirl (Amanda Marks), Shannon Hurley, Divasonic, Elan Attias, Cello Joe, Daniel Berkman, Artemis and has released 6 albums on her label Boutique Electroique Records that are now available at iTunes, Cd baby and all digital retailers and streaming stations. She is currently busy working in the Bay Area as a professional DJ, music producer and remix artist.


Letter From A Train

Written By: Celeste Lear

Letter From a Train
Written/programmed by Celeste Lear


In a modern day,
In a high rise,
In a city far away…
I severed all the chains
That bound me to this town…


Ooh, could I ever stay
When something calls me this way?
Are you listening?

Ooh, could I ever stay
When the future’s glistening?
Are you looking?
Are you looking?

Verse 2:

Suburban Sprawl
and leaves of fall,
rooftops broke and
chimney smoke,
and I’m moving farther away
farther away…
If I never find,
What it is I’m looking for,
I hope you do
And I hope that it comes true…


Ooh, could I ever stay,
When something calls me this way?
Are you listening?
Ooh, could I ever stay
When the future’s glistening?
Are you looking?

When the Sun Envies The Moon

Written By: Celeste Lear

When the Sun Envies The Moon
- Written and produced by Celeste Lear
- © 2006

Verse 1 –
In these days of broken glass the future always seems to pass,
Pull me in your hurricane, I want to float with you again.
Even in this passing tide you pull me under with your tentacles,
I hust feel like wandering, staring out this window pane.

Pre Chorus –
I’m not sullen, I’m just sitting here, wondering…

Chorus –
When the sun envies the moon, when the planets look upon the earth and sigh
On the day we said goodbye.
When the seasons turn me on, when summers almost gon
I cannot look away, I can only turn around and say…

Pre Chor::
When the sun is setting down, I want to feel the world expanding,
I’m not sullen, ooh ooh, I’m just sitting here wondering…

Instrumental Solo:

Chorus Repeat:

Head in the Stars

Written By: Celeste Lear

Head in the stars

Verse 1:
People always accusing me of having my head in the stars,
And I guess it’s true, I just can’t help it, I guess I’m guilty as charged.
It’s just that every day, I have to work so hard.
I close my eyes and I just drift off to a place I see, in my dreams
Away from all these trivial things…
I’ve got my feet on the ground… ooohhh ohhhh
I’ve got my head in the stars… ooohhhh ohhhh…
Verse 2:
It’s Monday morning and I close my eyes and all I see is a paradise…
With you by my side, and I do anything to hop on a plane to Greece or Spain.
But my bank account is low and dangerously so, I don’t want to have to sell my
soul… America the brave? America the great? Today I just feel like a corporate slave.
I’ve got my feet on the ground… ooohhh ohhhh
I’ve got my head in the stars… ooohhhh ohhhh…

Beautiful Complications

Written By: Celeste Lear

Beautiful Complications…

I dreamed, I dreamed last night, of stars that hung brightly, from the center of the sky, and we grew free of the ties that bind…

Was it just this? Passing images deep subconscious-ness. All these questions, they come, and they go again… we will find our answers in the end

Like a summer day, somehow when were lost yet free… We are:

Beautiful complications, somehow we’ll get it right,
Beautiful complications… You are my
Beautiful complications

Verse 2:
Seems like, images pass like driving by, scenery fades into memories, that please and release and appease and sometimes torment me…

Pieces of love, pieces of rain, pieces of you, pieces of me… link me to the other side, where sunbeams fall like diamonds bright…

Like a summer day, somehow when were lost yet free… You are my:

Chorus 2 :

Beautiful complication…somehow we’ll get it right
Beautiful complication… you are my…
Beautiful complication…you’re my,

It’s true, when love comes then goes like something that is so fragile, so special, so elusive and fleeting, dig into you and try to get a reading. Something like a summer day, when the breeze is just right and we’re lost and free… can we live forever – maybe one day our hard work and love will show us the way.


"Cloud 9.1" - Celeste Lear's 3rd solo album - released on Boutique Electronique Records

"Looking Up From Underwater" - Celeste Lear's 2nd solo album - Released on Boutique Electronique Records

"Save My City (DJ Celeste's Dubstep Remix" - Single 

"Undercurrent" Celeste Lear Remix - This is a track by cellist Rena Jones that Celeste did a house remix of.

"Digital Bliss Volume 2" - 2008 Boutique Electronique Records - 1 song included on a compilation CD.

"Femmes Fatale" - 2005 Toucan Cove Records - I have an electronica song called "Letter From a Train" on a compilation 

CD featuring female programmers and DJs - Available at Walmart, Tower Records and iTunes today!

"Digital Bliss Vol. 1" A compilation project featuring prominent west coast female programmers and vocalists. Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, amoeba records and CD Baby. Spring 2007 Release.


"The Echo Inside" - Celeste Lear - Boutique Electronique Records - released 2006 available on iTunes

"Into Tomorrow" - Stereocell - Celeste Lear programmed the electronic tracks for Stereocell's debut album released on Rockview records, currently available in stores everywhere!

Whitton - "Basket of apples" - Jaime Whitton -released 2004 Celeste Plays guitar and mandolin available on CD Baby and iTunes.

"Blueberry Demo" = Spootnick - the bay area's own drunken Russian underwater Orchestra - released 2002 available on CD Baby - Celeste plays lead guitar

"Maroon Blood" - Omeyocan - An all female Afro cuban Rock and Latin Jazz ensemble based in the Bay Area.

Set List

Our typical set is about 30 to 50 minutes long
"Want and Need" - slow, driving opener 4 minutes
"Outside" - Upbeat, dancey, highly electronic song! about 4 minutes 30 sec.
"House of glass" still picking up the speed a bit. 5 minutes
"Everybody's Friend" - 5 minutes, cool alt rock feel then we drop in a drum and bass beat! Very modern.
"Letter From a Train" 4 minutes - Drum & Bass
"Tears in the garden" - 4 minutes. World music feel. Think Peter Gabriel on estrogen.
"Room House Forest Dream" - 5 minutes. Gothic feel. 80's esque song.
"In The Middle" Taking it out with a med tempo, highly emotional song with great words.