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DJ Digger Jones

Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF | AFTRA

Toronto, Canada | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Hip Hop




"Upcoming Star Steals The Show"

By: Aida Bakhtyieva
Digger is an up-andcoming
Canadian rock/rap
artist, versed in multiple
instruments, all self-taught.
He has a project called
Close Encounter, which
blends radio-ready rock/rap
with a hint of jazz. With
hard-hitting lyrics and
catchy choruses about life
in the city, Digger has been
called a mix between
Linkin Park, The Dave
Matthews Band and
Digger adds value with
vocals, guitar, bass, piano
and drums. He is formally
trained in music theory at
the Royal Conservatory of
Music (RCM), musical
theatre in high school and
later the Jazz Choir of the
University of Toronto. Digger
is currently rehearsing
with session musicians, as
he plans to go into the studio
picking the top twelve
songs out of forty completed
Digger played to a full
crowd at the Seneca@York
HIVE, with an energetic
set that got the crowd involved
and ended with a
standing ovation. Digger’s
strong voice and stage
presence, along with great
guitar technique, blend hip
hop and rock in only a way
he can. After the show,
Digger explained that he
pursues a musical career, not
only with the desire to produce
great music that speaks
to society, but also to create a
work environment that attracts
talented artist. Digger’s
songs, energy and creativity
are infectious and a must-see.
As for future goals, Digger is
in the process of recording
his debut EP, and gathering
tour musicians for a crosscountry
Digger’s style:
While singing rock, Digger
can make two spaces coexist
simultaneously. The
melody of his voice is mostly
reminiscent of a slow ballad
to underline how hard life can
be, mixed with the quick
rhythm of his electric guitarbased,
much like the band
Heart. At times, while the
background music maintains
the same pace, it seems like
we hear a background voice
that belongs to a character
talking to the singer.
“Find it for Yourself”
In this song, Digger launches
a short inspirational message:
stay true to yourself, discover
the world by yourself and
find your own path in life.
When the vocals end, the
emphasis goes back to his
guitar based foundations.
“Bright Lights”
This rap song, which is
vocal-based, is reminiscent of a
Haiku, which is a Japanese
form of poetry that emphasizes
short sentences to get the point
across. Given the background
beat is subtle, the lyrics are
delivered at a fast pace, as if
Digger is performing a verbal
sprint. The song begins with a
bleak tone that is similar to
Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,”
a song from the 1990’s describing
an African American living
as a criminal. However, Bright
Lights gradually shifts towards
a tone that implies there is hope
at the end of the road.

Aida Bakhtyieva
Seneca Student Federation Inc.
thebuzz/ - Seneca@York Press


DJ Digger Jones Presents...

A Close Encounter


Burning Jerusalem -2018

New Legacy -2018

FunHole -2019

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WHO IS DIGGER? Digger Jones is a Canadian rap/rock artist that has merged hip hop beats with guitar driven rock that creates high energy shows full of comedy, art and inspiring music for audiences both young and old. Studying music in both University of Toronto and The Royal Conservatory of Music, Digger plays on the fringes of Jazz rock (The Dave Mathews Band) with a street presence like hip hop giants Nas and 2Pac. With music videos being released before the tour launches, a buzz has been quickly building and everyone wants to know, who is DJ Digger Jones? 

April 27th, 2018: The day the tour begins! DJ Digger Jones and his backline or young professional musicians will not only be throwing a wicked good concert, that you can look up more details online, but will also be shooting a live concert music video, launching a tour and handing free swag bags of merch. 

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