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DJ Kay Cali

Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Austin, TX
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"LImitless Locals - DJ Kay Cali"

Have you ever thought to yourself: “ Do clubs card the DJ’s?” In Kay Cali’s case, that answer was clearly no. This California native, and Austin transplant remembers at seventeen,asking her mom to put extra make up on her face before spinning at clubs so she wouldn’t look like she didn’t belong. Now, in her early 20’s, she has become one of Austin’s most sought after DJ’s.. How did she do that in only five short years? Well her explanation is simple: she keeps a personal stash of FAITH!

She was that kid in class making beats with her pen, manipulating music, and making mix tapes. As a classically trained percussionist, Kay Cali has a natural love for the art of music, and now that love travels with her wherever she goes. Becoming a deejay was put on her radar as she was watching an episode of MTV’s Made back in high school. Wanting to be molded only into a deejay, she did not realize at the time her dreams were never too far fetched. Shortly after, she picked up her very first gig for her cousin’s sixteenth birthday party, and hasn’t stopped since.

“I didn’t know where to start, so I went online and researched how to put records together. I had three days to learn, so I practiced day and night until I felt comfortable.” She adds,

“With no equipment, I asked my mom to invest $500 for some basic pieces that I promised to take back in two weeks. When the time came to return the items, I felt like I was experiencing a bad breakup, that’s when I knew I couldn’t just disconnect for good”.

Photo by: Brandon Boone
From then on, every dollar she earned from working went into investing in legitimate equipment, because she wanted to become the best in the game. Since 2011, she has been going full throttle, and although she couldn’t see her direct path, she continued using her experience in the art of stepping out on faith to keep pushing through. When she relocated to Austin in late 2012, it became much bigger than a move; it was more of a liberating experience. DJ Kay Cali had to break ground, and create a name in a city where everyone was a stranger. Being a DeeJay is enough of a gamble, but being the new kid in a town is a different ballgame. She admits fear crossed her mind especially in the midst of her “nightmare sets”, but she wouldn’t get discouraged. Kay Cali believes,

“When you begin to operate in purpose, you have a sense of joy, even when you can’t see how it will all happen.”

Photo by: Brandon Boone
To add, being a female minority, in a male dominated industry, gives her more push to prove that she deserves to be sitting at the table. Being the only woman in the Texas Scratch League, Cali has a genuine desire to set the tone for aspiring female disc jockies. Her hopes are to one-day remove the preconceived notion that being a sex symbol is requirement to be noticed for a job.

“Just be so good, that they HAVE to work with you.”

With so many deejays in the industry, she finds herself standing out from the crowd by creating her own mixing style from the music she vibes to the most. Cali likes spinning the new school ‘trap’ and ‘rap’ music, but she LOVES the vibe and rhythms 90’s RnB brings to the table. In her opinion that music, “makes you feel something”, and needs to be brought back into the nightlife scene. This summer she made that happen for Austin. “Groove Theory” was birthed in June, and has been the place to be on selected Friday nights. It is one of the parties where people come in well dressed and put together, but are guaranteed to leave trying to cool down from working up a sweat on the dance floor (trust me, I have personal experience).For DJ Kay Cali, Groove Theory is her ‘bread and butter’, and she is still in awe that her vision came into fruition, and exceeded her expectations beyond belief. For two years it sat on her heart, and for 600 attendees to support the very first one made her greatest moment in deejaying to the date.

Kay Cali is considered a ‘Limitless Local’, because she genuinely aspires to keep getting better. “You have to be ready at any given moment.” A mantra Cali incorporates into her lifestyle on a daily basis. So much so, she takes every spare moment to practice, particularly on her microphone skills, even while sitting in Austin’s congested traffic.

There is no doubt DJ KayCali is headed in the direction of becoming world renowned and respected. Because she recognizes that her gift is solely from God, she continues to strive without ceilings, operate without fear, going 100MPH filled with a gas tank of purpose.

Photo by: Brandon Boone
“With God at the wheel, there is no such thing as stopping.”

As her limitless mentality continues to be spear headed by her Godfidence,and matched with work ethic and dedication, Cali knows an array of opportunities will continue to flow. Soon enough, every goal will be checked off one by one including: becoming a deejay full time, an RnB music producer, and being listed as one of Forbes’ Magazine 30 under 30.

DJ Kay Cali decided she didn’t need MTV to make her. Instead, she recognized the greatness within, and became determined to create a life on her own terms by spinning some of the greatest music ever made. For that, I salute both the lady and the DJ.

Peace and Love,

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