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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
DJ Hip Hop R&B


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DJ KEEZY @ Miami

Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States

DJ KEEZY @ Fine Line Music Cafe

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

DJ KEEZY @ First Avenue

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States



"Sisters With Soul"

Though no person on this planet came into this world without one, women are often the last considered across the board.

Women are paid less, represented less in government and systematically spoken for in the arts. To challenge the idea that "women can't do it on their own" north Minneapolis hip-hop artists DJ Keezy and BdotCroc present "Sisters with Soul" this Wednesday at First Avenue. I sat down with the duo to find out more about the concept.

AS: What's the overarching idea that you want people to know about "Sisters with Soul?"

DJ Keezy: For me bringing women together and building off that energy because, me as a DJ, I've stood behind a lot of people but there's nothing like the energy sharing the energy on stage with another female artist and seeing that it's possible that you can see dope female MCs. We don't see that often. You never see a dope show where there are all female artists. Were featured but never a whole show of female artists.

BdotCroc: Another thing is creating unity. Everybody bringing their power to the table and saying, "This is a place we've all been booked in individually, now let's book it ourselves and sell it out." I know at the end of the day, every person on the roster has brought significant amounts of people out. So now it's about saying we are significant and the people that believe in it will be there.

AS: Who is performing and why did you pick them?

BdotCroc: B Dot Croc and DJ Keezy for sure (laughter). I know Keezy is one of the most fresh, young inspiring female DJs in the city. It's a whole other energy being on stage with her opposed to somebody just playing my records. And it's Keezy's birthday. Dra Muzic, who is another female MC and I chose her because she's a really amazing artist and I haven't seen her on a lot of bills so I'd love to have her exposed to crowd that'll wonder why they haven't heard of her before. K Raydio (is on) because she's just amazing. When I think of soul I think of K. Raydio. She's going to bring the energy of hip-hop with some soul to it. She's going to serenade the room and make everybody fall in love while me and Lioness and Dra beat heads in. The Lioness (is on) because we've been doing this for a while together so I don't see why not. She's amazing, she's dope, and whenever you put us in the same space it's always going to be a problem. And that's the goal, to create problems for these folks.

DJ Keezy: I will also say all these artists on the show have songs that speak to your soul. I'm sure every one of those artists will have something for you.

AS: Where are you from?

BdotCroc: Northside of Minneapolis; born and raised ... relative of Kel-C of the IRM Crew.

AS: What is a common misconception people have about women in music?

BdotCroc: We don't sell unless we strip. And I don't just mean strip in sense of clothing. Even if you strip morals, or language, or your real voice. People aren't only selling sex through clothing. We sell ideas of specific types of women we think were supposed to be or think we need to be to do better. And also that we can't sell the show out, or we can't sell music, or we can't be big without a co-sign.

DJ Keezy: Thinking that women don't have it ... that they don't have it in them ... that you need someone else there to help you and push you to do it.

AS: Do you ever feel like you are only picked because you are a woman?

DJ Keezy: It's a double edged sword because there's not a lot of us. Sometimes I think they do bring us out because we'll get attention but then again that's my turn to get on stage and show that I'm capable of being doper than a lot of these male DJs out here.

BdotCroc: You got to play the game. I play the game. There's always one female on the bill. Never multiples unless there is a female in charge of organizing. For a dude, the show could be anything but for women you have to genderize it like a breast cancer awareness event. I'd love for more people to book me just because I'm a chick and see how that turns.

AS: Any last words?

BdotCroc: If you really want to support us come out to 7th Street. Not just the women (should come). There's a reason why we're all on the stage. Let's sell this out. - Insight News

"Dj Keezy/Tiiiiiiiiiip/Bobby Raps"

DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip & Bobby Raps will be back at the Record Room this Friday for their “Love Below” dance party. Unlike their Dequexatron series, “Love Below” events feature nothing but R&B jams all night; this one will also showcase a set from DJ Keezy. Sponsored by Greenroom Magazine, this one is 18+ and the door is only $5. With the crowds that these guys attract this shit might just sell out, so make sure to get there early. - Made


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Born and raised in Minneapolis, DJ Keezy has lit up the Twin Cities scene by quickly making a name for herself. She has recently opened up for DA BRAT, THE INTERNET, TheeSatisfication, KEHLANI, and GRRRL PRTY and many more. Including venues such as; First Ave, Honey, and The Fine Line to name a few. She has even been able to spread her tunes out of state in Chicago and Florida. Keezy's style is heavily influenced by hip-hop, jazz and rap. Her signature sound consists of spinning old school throwbacks, tracks by female artists, and the hottest new remixes. When Keezy spins she always brings people together and has everybody grooving on the dance floor!

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