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DJ Kidd Madonny

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2014


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Want to See What the Future of Music Looks Like ?"

Want to see what the future of music looks like?
GLAM April 11, 2015 EDM
Want to see what the future of music looks like?


By: Silvio Carvana
Silvio is Co-Producer at Super Party, President, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer at Manager for DJ Kidd Madonny and CEO/Owner/Operator at Conscious Groove @ & contributing writer for GLAM.
You may just get a glimpse if you’re headed to the biggest festivals this spring specifically White Party Palm Springs and Matinee Las Vegas you are bound to notice a dynamic new DJ crashing the elite circuit roster, Kidd Madonny.

“I just want you to dance and enjoy yourself in the moment.” Kidd says with a wicked grin.

Kidd Dec 12th 2014 Fresh Greystone Manor WeHo DJ Booth confetti drop

Always an innovator never an imitator Kidd is known for his marathon dj sets as much as his multitude of eye candy many of the visual elements seen in today’s club culture were practically invented by then club kid and professional dancer and choreographer Kidd Madonny.

Self made. Work-a-holic the Kidd Madonny machine is an industry unto itself.

Behind the scenes he’s been doing business for over 2 decades with the industry’s heavy hitters, and retains accounts globally with his daytime gig at world class décor and Design Company 3DX Inc., Kidd Madonny established it after dissolving his previous venture RKM Dance when his partner lost his passion and left the business. Not one to look back Kidd focused on the possibilities instead seeking to expand his business model stepping up to the plate offering production value unparalleled in the industry. He’s proudly owned and operated 3DX Inc. employing a staff of seamstresses to construct his own creations.


His clients rank amongst the biggest in the biz Insomniac producers of Nocturnal Wonderland and EDC, Ultra Music Festival, White Party Week and the list goes on. Dancer, designer and world class DJ and owner of boutique clothing label MIA Action. His sights are locked on the big picture.

Creating visually engaging fixtures to warm up the cavernous venues Kidd became indispensable to the circuit festival and nightclub scene. Event producers seek him out.

“There’s a method to my madness.” He boasts.

It’s a contrast to his introduction to the stage where he immediately found himself at home under the spotlight yet he still had to retrain his humble manner to something bolder.

Kidd is one of those artists who just have “it”.


He was named by the artist Prince when he began as a go- go dancer at the artists’ flagship nightclub Glam Slam in downtown Miami. Prince asked him what his stage name was. Kidd response was he didn’t have a stage name. Prince said. “You’ve got to have a stage name kid! Well who then is your favorite artist?”

He replied. “Madonna”.

Taken down a notch Prince went the simple route and dubbed him Kidd Madonny and like a newborn baby vampire he had an insatiable appetite for the future sound of music and performance.

Promoter Paul Nicholls said. “Everything about Kidd Madonny is high tech, the lights, the costumes, the music it’s all future forward. “

Nicholls would know. He’s one of the biggest promoters in the western US. Kidd is one of his highest profile DJs performing as often as once a month at Fresh a weekly Friday party in trendy West Hollywood attracting a standing room only audience numbering over 1,000+. Nicholls is also one of Kidd’s biggest fans.


Kidd understood the business from both sides of the stage and knew from the beginning the money is in the live performance. Where others have difficulty he seems so natural. Destined for greatness with the blessings of dance music royalty from the tender age of 18 the Miami native has had his finger on the pulse of nightclub culture since his teens touring with artists such as Peter Rauhofer, Victor Calderone and Junior Vasquez.

When Junior calls…

It was Vasquez who gave him his first turn table in 2001. Not content with simply dancing Kidd flipped the script acquiring new skills and DJ Kidd Madonny spread his wings taking flight. Kidd is meticulous. He practiced his new found love of djing for nearly 4years. Even before his now famous highly conceptual visual show was developed it was Kidd’s music that caught the ear of the industry’s top brass. Calderone was performing at Coliseum, Fort Lauderdale in 2005 and was so impressed with a mix he heard, Kidd had just earned himself the opening slot.

Ten years into his DJ career Kidd is considered by the industry’s movers and shakers as “the master showman”. Kidd’s tour schedule reflects this too. He’s routinely criss- crossing the continent performing every month for White Party Palm Springs Producer Jeffrey Sanker and partner Paul Nicholls in Southern California and Las Vegas. Back east he’s the quintessential fan favorite everywhere he performs, especially during the big holiday weekends. New Orleans during Southern Decadence and Atlanta on Memorial Day weekend hire him annually. Special events during Columbus Day weekend in Boston, Valentine’s Day in Houston, annual Pride events in Cleveland, Miami, Toronto, Tacoma, and countless other circuit style weekends in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Montreal, Tampa, Sacramento, Province town, Calgary, Fort Lauderdale and the list goes on see him racking up mileage points on American Airlines.

When I began to do my research on Kidd I ended up going to see him perform 13 times ultimately becoming one of his super fans. A hot summer night in 2011 I heard a fan say. “If Lady Gaga were a DJ I bet she’d be a lot like Kidd Madonny”. Scanning the room hundreds of fans are waving glow sticks, many are wearing Kidd Madonny glasses and some sporting his signature tank tops, all of them are dancing like no one is watching.

Cueing up the next mix underneath his own disco armor and laser light adorned gloves and headgear he’s giving you his best poker face not wanting to give away what tricks he plans to pull out next.

“This is where I live.” Kidd stares into the audience and lets the beat drop pulling out the mid’s for a millisecond before cutting back into the track. The speakers blow out air pressure and the room responds, more hands in the air than a maximum security riot yet he’s no villain.

He’s not letting up keeping the pace building track upon track sampling live and using the third deck to tease sounds he’ll later bring in and finally serve the full mix. It’s a classic style of big room mixing. Giving you a melody here and a vocal sample there until later when he’s sure the audience is ready.

Behind the customized DJ booth and LED wall armed with a CO2 gun spraying a frigid mist in the hot club while 3 CDJ 2000’s are spitting out beats, ticks and thumps it’s a scene that repeats each weekend in another city hopefully nearby.

Take a visit to his video channel on You Tube. All the décor and costumes are designed by Kidd. Can you imagine yourself at his next event at a venue in your city? Hands to heaven amidst a mélange of special effects and the world’s best music carefully mixed just for you and the thousands of revelers maxing out their fun meter to the soundtrack of tomorrow.

Everything about his DJ identity is custom designed from scratch, styled and performed with a tenacity rarely seen in this age of sync button laptop musicians. You’ll never see him perform on anything but Pioneer CDJS mixing live on 3 units turning out a major show rivaling the biggest franchise parties touring the world. It’s evident that this artist’s time has come.

There is nothing like a Kidd Madonny Show. You’re going to have to see it to believe it.

Kidd’s popular mix Cd’s Wurkout Vol1 and Vol4 are available on Centaur Entertainment.

Performing Friday April 24th White Party Palm Springs.

Friday May 22nd Matinee Festival Las Vegas.

Performing Sunday May 25th The Heretic, Atlanta.

For booking: - Glam Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



The fast rising star is being clocked by the world’s most elite talent buyers securing a new weekly residency in Miami, a string of monthly residencies in LA, Las Vegas, and San Diego plus quarterly residencies in Boston, Washington DC and Tampa with other major markets hiring him for one offs and special events. Maybe its because in the age of the virtual Dj Kidd Madonny insists on keeping it real mixing live on 3 CDJs and working the visual aspects of his performance nearly as hard as the music.

No other dj can claim to bring the beats, upfront cutting edge dance mixes and patented special effects, costumes and dancers to the audience in one show. Longtime friend Dj Abel Aguilera exclaims.  “You’re in your own world”. He isn’t joking.

 he Miami native practically grew up in this industry when he was just 18 working as a dancer at Prince’s club Glam Slam he was told he needed a stage name and Kidd Madonny was born. Years later in 2001 while working at New York City’s Twilo he was given his first turntable by industry legend Junior Vasquez.

Kidd became famous for raising the bar now that he is considerably well seasoned he’s become the event producer’s “go to guy”. A Kidd Madonny performance is going to set the standard in regard to producing an exciting high profile event. Is it any wonder? With his couture costumes sporting laser adorned headpieces and shiny illuminated disco armor it couldn’t be any more obvious how he labors over the details to create unique elements stacked up to patiently craft a once in a lifetime experience.

Never satisfied to just let the music do the talking since beginning of his career Kidd’s impassioned approach helped elevate the art of djing, marrying the mix with each performance accenting it with custom designed décor, lighting and secret remixes to further play off the motif display his sophisticated tastes and communication skill as a visual and audio artist. Kidd is the total package. In a world where djs peer into their laptops intent on creating a sustainable groove this Miami – Ft Lauderdale based Dj strives for more than the perfect mix. He delivers an absolutely over the top South Beach style party to every city and event. All throughout his career he sought to break the self imposed constraints of current club culture always pushing for a new experience in sight and sound.

             Kidd Madonny continues to represent the leading edge in live DJ performance.

Each show is a unique stand alone production. It’s a custom designed interactive light show and dance performance choreographed from beginning to end. This is an audio visual experience of the highest level. City by city, each night he leaves the audience with a memory they’ll not soon forget. He transforms the venue visually then drops tunes beginning on the funkier end of the spectrum bringing the energy level to its peak hour, when timeless anthems mix with the latest tunes topping the charts.

 He is in the zone and ramps up the performance triggering his trademark special effects all in sync with a barrage of perfectly timed vocals and intuitive instrumental remixes. Kidd saturates his audience in a multisensory mosaic, a conceptual performance serving the latest dance music accented with the world’s best loved décor 3DX Inc., providing a visual backdrop for his masterful soundtrack. Kidd’s words are humble and filled with gratitude. Thank you! I have so much more love & music for you all. I can’t wait to bring it. See you down front and on the dance floor. Thank you for the support !

 Kidd Madonny