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DJ Trill

Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
DJ Hip Hop R&B




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Shine P.O.E - No Turning Back, Wake Up Call, Strapz Stackz & Loud Packz

Woo - Young Chill Texas Boyz vol. 1-3

KO Boyz - Bringing Down The House, Polo & Locaste

Azeeta - AZ World

Rebel Genuis - First Times A Charm

Block - Billboard Music

Rose Monroe - Essence



7 Artist 7 Styles 1 Goal

Shine P.O.E -
The streets of Oak Cliff, a neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, can easily be seen as rough and sometimes harsh. It's a place where only the strong survive and Survival of the Fittest is a motto to live by, but through all of the struggle and pain awaits a diamond in the rough. Born on the first of June in 1988, Kenneth Porter never had a silver spoon in his mouth and had to work for what he wanted. Similar to most children growing up in the 90's he witnessed first hand the rise and fall of legendary artists such as Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, but instead of simply listening to the music he embraced it. At the ripe age of 10 years old he came across a group of friends freestyling, it was fate that he joined in. Being a little bit smaller than everyone else he never stood out .His originality and presense was quickly felt by people would say that he outshined his competition. Giving root to the stage name " Lil Shine" As a young boy dreaming was easy to handle.

Woo - Dejuan Wooten born August 28,1987 in Dallas, Tx traces his music bloodlines back to his farthers band "The Wootens". Now pursuing his own dream he has been working on his down south chill, calm, and cool Music flow. He produces 90% of his music as well as mix and masters it. Striving for perfection he determines to become one of the great story tellers in the rap game. Influences: (The Isleys Brothers, DJ Screw, Ugk, Boosie Collins)

KO boyz -
Kendrick and Cameron Greenidge (born January 20, 1988) better known as New Money Menace and Hot Boy Hooligan (K.O BOYZ) are up and coming rappers from Dallas, TX. Born in Dallas, to Spencer and Nora Greenidge, the young parents were determined to make life seem easier for their four children, but low income and opportunities seemed to only make it more difficult as the family jumped from location to location, trying to find a place to call home. The family finally relocated to Irving, TX just in time to start an education and a new life. Despite the family’s hardships, the twins took an early shining to music, recording their first freestyle when they were only 9 years old on their grandmother’s recorder. When they were 15, their older brother started to recognize their talent and uniqueness, and eventually put them in his rap group, TNN. From there, TNN went on to flood the community and high schools with mixtapes and freestyles, quickly making a name for themselves in Irving. By the time they attended their sophomore year at Macarthur High School, the twins were known throughout their community as the “K.O Boyz” known for their witty punchlines and word play off of one another.

AZ - Abel Zamora, know as AZ born in Dallas, Tx is not only an Artist but is also a producer and DJ. Building a studio in his house while in high school proved that music is what he really wanted to do. Now recording in big time studio in Dallas he is ready to leave his imprint on the hiphop world. Influences: (Tupac, Pimp C, Z-ro, Big K.r.i.t)

Rebel Genius -
Fly Rebel Genius, born Willie Gordon II, is a product of Dallas, TX. As a young boy, he was always an extremely bright pupil. As a hobby, he began to write poems, but continued to thrive in his studies. After graduating with honors, he attended college for a couple of semesters, but eventually left to pursue other interests. In Spring 2011, he formed the Fly Rebel Coalition along with a group of young, talented associates, and now plans to dominate the industry with a unique blend of smooth melodies and raw emotion. He cites Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake as his main influences.

Block -
First displaying his skills by freestying in the cafeteria of his middle school at the age of 12, Da BlockBoi a.k.a. LL COOL BLOCK or BILLION DOLLA BLOCK, realized that rapping was what he was destined to do. Although Shomari J. Martemus-Brown, born August 21, 1988, is not originally from Texas , he claims Dallas-Oak Cliff as his home and loves the south. Da BlockBoi received his name because he felt as if he was just another kid from the block trying to get his shine on. Wanting to be remembered as one of the best entertainers in the business, he makes sure that his music is geared toward a large audience. Some of his influences are Ludacris, Plies, Nelly, B.G, LL Cool J, Prince and Jermaine Dupri, just to name a few. He not only writes club hits or songs about street life, he also explores topics such as love and life lessons. When his fans listen to his music, he wants them to feel a connection with him through it.

Rose Monroe -
Jasmine Bynum was born 07/22/1991 in Bellflower California raised but Monroe, La now Staying in Arlington Tx. The 20 year old singer has had a passion for music and only dreamed that one day she would become a star. Now having more faith and ambition to become successful like the stars she looks up to; Keyshia Cole, Mary J, Beyonce, Rhianna. She can relate to their music and now is ready to tell her story.