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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
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"New Mixtape: Street Wiz & Reem Riches - "N.O.L.A.""

Check out New Orleans rapper Street Wiz and Reem Riches on their new mixtape ‘N.O.L.A.’ The project includes 13 tracks with production from A-Nice Beats, BMGZ and more. Click HERE to download and/or stream and listen below. Enjoy! - DJ Carisma

"Artist Feature of the Month | Prassumo"

Deadstock’s Artist Feature of the Month is a feature we’ve been planning on adding to our monthly blog posts simply to expose the world to great artists that may or may not get enough recognition independently. This monthly update can feature artists from different medias whether it be sketch artists, digital, clothing, or the fine arts. This months artist is no other than Prassumo who hails from Detroit, MI. Prassumo was kind enough to answers some questions about his background and how he’s come to be where he is.

DS: “Okay well, let’s get into this. Michael, also known as “Prassumo”, where did you first get your start?”

P: “Actually, I was inspired from a XXL magazine about Nigo and Bathing Ape back in 2006. *laughs* Yes I know, I’m old.”

DS: “Nigo’s a good choice. The guy completely changed the way clothing brands, brand themselves.”

P: “From then on I knew what I wanted to do. I never knew it was called street wear but the name Prassumo came from my sister as a joke. The original name was “Rassumo”. Then in 2009, I met up with a good friend named Christopher Horstman. He saw my book and told me to do it… It was only dreams didn’t know how to do it.”

DS: “You’re still very young, but it seems you know what you want to do which is tough for young artists. A lot of them don’t seem to have an intuition of what they want to do as a whole.”

DS: “Lemme ask you, where do you get your style from?”

P: “I get my style from all styles of street wear. I knew that I didn’t want my brand to be stuck in one specific style. When you think that’s it, I switch it up and I usually do five hours of research on the internet for flips aka “spoofs” and high end fashion. I tend to listen to Curren$y, Trap Music, Jay-Z , Kanye West and Michael Franks.”

DS: “That’s awesome, everyone has their methods etc. Tell me, who are your three favorite artists and how do they inspire your work.”

P: “Nigo and Kaws for the art, Kanye for the thinking and Roy Lichtenstein for the emotions and drawing. He had the best pop art in my opinion. Andy Warhol was over rated to me.”

DS: “Yeah, Kaws especially. His lines are incredibly clean and his process has clearly been nailed down. Drawing upon those guys, What is your favorite artistic era and why?”

P: “The 50’s. The Disney cartoon style was dope to me and I use it with 90’s blend of anime to create what I do.”

DS: “Great era, lots of technical advances happening and by the way, that reminds me. Have you read “The Illusion of Life” the animators bible by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas? If not, it’s a great read.”

P: “Nope not gonna lie but give me a link and I will purchase it.”

DS: “Absolutely. It’s written by two of Disney’s old nine men the original animators. That brings me to your next question. At what age did you realize you had a talent? Did you study anywhere and if not, why?”

P: “Really didn’t know. I’m honestly just a kid who learns from scratch and I never had schools to teach me. It was who can draw the best goku or pooh and you compete with your fellow classmates in class for fun. Around 10 I realized I could draw when I sketched Super Sayin Trunks from the tv.”

DS: “Yeah absolutely understand. I myself didn’t know what I was going to do until my senior year. Last question, If you had an opportunity to have worked with another artist throughout any historical era, who would it have been?”

P: “Shhhhhiiit *laughs* umm damn I’m gonna have to say I don’t know. It’s only because I learn so much from other great artists. I can’t put my finger on one artist but fuck, just for the readers it has to be Rob Lichtenstein. Only because I’m on my pop art thing right now.”

DS: “He had a huge impact on a lot of people. Especially comic book people. Well I want to thank you Prassumo for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. Hope everything turns out great for you and your work.”

P: “No problem, always appreciate it.” - Deadstock

"DJ2Weezy Presents... Lavish Living Club Vol. 3: Momentum"

Tired of listening to regurgitated lyrics from today’s so-called greatest MC’s? Are you ready to indeed join a movement of innovating artists in the Hip-Hop scene? Well, the wait is finally over! Lavish Living Club, a Prassumo Clothing Company, will deliver the third installment to the most prolific mixtape series available now, Lavish Living Club Vol. 3: Momentum. As usual, this mixtape will feature the best underground and mainstream Hip-Hop artists around the nation, in order to provide everyone with a mixture of great music.

Lavish Living Club is a movement of artists that share similar concepts about art, music, and fashion. We combine our ideas to deliver a work of art that is needed in today’s saturated entertainment industry. No longer will we conform to pop culture, just to be popular in today’s society. Our conception towards life is far more complex than that. We strive for the best things in life, and showcase this type of perseverance through our artwork.

We currently sponsor 10 artists from all different backgrounds and demographics. Each artist expresses themselves thoroughly through creativity. Although everyone’s story is different, the authenticity of the creative works allows others to relate to it. The artists that are featured on this mixtape include; A-MINUS of Verbal Vomit Entertainment (Detroit native), Nolan The Ninja of Left of Center (Detroit native), Cutt Dogg (Alabama native), Flyheroes (Los Angeles, CA.), Street Wiz of Jet Life Recordings (New Orleans,LA), Reem Riches of Pushaz Ink (Los Angeles, CA), Spiffy Wilds of Trimega Entertainment (Minnesota), and Santino Corleon (Ohio).

Not only will these acts come together to deliver a musical masterpiece, but they will also collectively perform on stage at several venues across the nation. This tour is tailored for all of the creative, Hip-Hop junkies that are influenced by the lifestyle. Lavish Living Club merchandise will also be available for purchase at every event.

So, mark your calendars for December 4th 2015, and prepare yourself for a musical journey towards a lavish lifestyle. The mixtape will be available for download and streaming via Datpiff, HNHH, Soundcloud, Live Mixtapes, My Mixtapez, and Spotify. As well-written from our parent company Prassumo, “Thank you for buying art, and not B.S.”. - Trap.LA

"Prassumo Clothing"

Prassumo is a hub of ideas. Here various artistic ideas collaborate to form one idea. Our apparels are not just clothing but pieces of art which are sure to turn heads when you are out in the street wearing them. the whole idea emerges from the time when we were young that is the 90s but the inspiration is derived even from the earlier times as far as 60s and 50s. We know that you will not be satisfied by just anything and everything being served to you in the name of art. We appreciate and thank you for buying true art. - Filthy Dripped

"A-Minus X Arsenic New Project "The Dog Ate My Homework""

Detroit emcee A-Minus teamed up with producer Arsenic for the new “The Dog Ate My HomeWork” project, which is based off a time in A-Minus’s Life to where he felt like he lost everything. Thru all the hard times and darkness he found hip hop and himself. This project features Guilty Simpson, Ruste Juxx, Chavis Chandler and More.

The Dog Ate My Homework On SoundCloud

A_Minus Twitter

A-Minus Soundcloud

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The Dog Ate My Homework
Uncle P - Uncle P


Detroit emcee A-Minus linked up with producer Arsenic for the very solid collaborative project, The Dog Ate My HomeWork, which features guest verses from Guilty Simpson, Ruste Juxx, and Chavis Chandler to name a few. Check it out below. - The Dope Show

"Street Wiz Shines On Fright Night In America"

The latest project from Jet Life Recordings artist Street Wiz, Fright Night In America, has a few heaters on it. One of the tracks that I dig off the tape is the horn-filled “What You See.” Whereever you’re at, you’re gonna feel like you’re in New Orleans during Mardi Gras when you jam this song.

Some other dope cuts off the EP are “Forward” and "Like No Other." Check out the entire project below. - A Humble Soul

"Flyheroes Excites The Hip-Hop Community With J.Dilla Collaboration"

Los Angeles, CA. A.G., December 6, 2015 – Flyheroes, the talented Los Angeles-based Hip-Hop duo, released A lyrical project composed solely with J. Dilla produced tracks Friday, December 4th, 2015. The mixtape entitled, FlyDilla, demonstrates the group’s versatility, while delivering thought-provoking lyrics that are relatable to the average working citizen.

Flyheroes is a conscious-styled hip hop group, that descriptively creates music for the everyday citizen that’s normally ignored in trendy Los Angeles, CA. Over the years, the group have composed several mix tapes and singles that has captivated people throughout the west coast. Flyheroes consists of two very talented individuals by the names of Rubric (Derrick West) and IG (Noel Russell). The group got together after learning that their solo careers could grasp more attention if they were to create music collectively. Check out their full bio on our Sponsored Artists page.

With the release of FlyDilla, the group is certain that they will also grasp the attention of hip hop lovers located on the Eastern region of the map as well. Although their strictly natives of California, their lyricism resonates that of legends that were bred from the east coast ironically.

“You don’t pay attention man, that’s why your money is the size of your attention span” (J.Dilla). Lyrics like this drove the dynamic duo towards the composition of the tape. Listening to their rhymes and concepts, it’s safe to say that Flyheroes are indeed influenced by artist from the “Golden Age” of hip hop.

Other influences that the group are inspired by include; Outkast, Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, and the west coast poet, 2Pac. On the project, FlyDilla, it is evident that these great artist’s works inspired the mix tapes foundation.

I, DJ2Weezys, V.P. of Prassumo Clothing Company, sponsored and hosted FlyDilla, as well as, assisted the duo with the marketing and advertisement of the overall project. Not only does this mix tape showcase the lifestyle of two, everyday struggling black males, but it also exemplifies the lifestyle of the clothing brand and it’s sister company, Lavish Living Club, which creates lavish living products for the everyday citizen. - Antwoine Gant

"Santino Corleon Songs"

Santino is very active in the music scene in his Cincinnati hometown and neighboring cities. In his hip hop career he has opened for Method Man and Redman, J.Cole, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Machine Gun Kelly, Gucci Mane just to name a few. Santino has been involved with some major music festivals in Ohio one being a festival in Athens, Ohio. This #Fest is one of the biggest collage parties in the nation. Starting at 7 Fest, then 8 Fest and 9 Fest, each year performing infront of over 10,000 students! Another festival is held in the heart of Cincinnati. SummerSLAM last year he performed infront of 5,000 people!
His most recent mixtape release “The Hangover” was hosted by DJ E-V and was presented by,, and Live Mixtapes. The Hangover has thirteen solid tracks with only three features and all original production. Along with the thirteen audio tracks Santino released seven music videos that can be seen on YouTube - Indie Shuffle

"Draper - "Corner Store" (ft. Poet & Cutt Dogg)"

New single off my up coming mixtape "Restitution". Draper - Corner Store ft. Poet and Cutt Dogg Produced by KR Beats - CM Lapse ENT.


Still working on that hot first release.



My name is Antwoine “Dj2Weezy” Gant, and I am the Vice President of Prassumo Clothing Co., and Operations Manager for Lavish Living Club LLC. For the past two years, I have marketed, promoted, distributed, and produced materials for the brand, and has managed all of the companies business operations. I also produce all of the mixtape projects that are created for the brand’s Hip-Hop movement.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA. in 1986, and was raised in Birmingham, AL. At the age of 16, I was introduced to the exciting industry of entertainment, by becoming the merchandise manager for comedian Rickey Smiley and his production company, Breakwind Entertainment. While employed, I learned the key essentials needed in order to  successfully market and sell merchandise while touring for a growing a brand name. Once I completed grade-school, I immediately focused my efforts towards fulfilling my goals of breaking into the world of entertainment. I attended Full Sail University where I received my bachelors degree in Entertainment Business. While obtaining my certificate, I utilized the concepts learned, and applied them towards my business ventures. During my second year of undergrad, I was asked by an old acquaintance of mine to join him as his business partner for his street wear brand, Prassumo Clothing Co., where I was appointed the position of Vice President. 

Upon doing so, I decided to showcase upcoming music artists that complimented the brand's appearance and lifestyle choice. These artists include; Street Wiz, A-Minus, Flyheroes, Producer Shawn Azzarelli, Santino Corleon, Cutt Dogg, Young Cam, and LouiVon.

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