dj 33 45

dj 33 45

 Champaign, Illinois, USA

Everything all the time. A loyal follower of the eclectic everything goes, multi-genre approach to djing, DJ 33 45 drops everything from a tribe called quest to led zeppelin in his sets. DJ 33 45 crosses genres, spans decades, breaks rules, and keeps the dance floor sweating.


My Name is Adrian Lugo. I’ve been Djing for about ten years. I've played on the radio (88.1 WESN-IWU), numerous house parties at my college (ISU), raves and clubs in chicago (Zentra, La Salle Power Co, Amp Rock Lounge) and the grand 2008 opening of Forever 21 at Water Tower Place in Chicago. I call my style of djing post-disco-techno-punk-funk-lets get-crunk and baile club music. Its an anything goes, multi-genre style approach to good old booty shaking, party rocking music. I like to do long sets from 4 to 6 hours, where I play everything from House, Electro, Baltimore Club, Baile Funk, Digital Cumbia, Hip Hop, Disco, Funk, Soul, Live Remixes, and Rock. I don’t believe in being held back by the limits of genre or style. I’m known for dropping everything from A Tribe Called Quest to Led Zeppelin in my sets. I like to cross genres, span decades, break rules, and keep the dance floor sweating. As an advocate of old school djing, I still rock vinyl, never play the same set twice, and mix the songs I play.


Set List

Everything from A Tribe Called Quest to Led Zeppelin. Sets range from 1 to 6+ hours depending on how long I'm asked to play.