Maputo, Maputo City, MOZ

Our music is funky roots music inspired by songs and beats from the central part of Mozambique. We have a lively and vibrant stage performance and are very committed to our audience. Music and dance is a unique and common expression in african music and for Djaaka this is no different.


The group was founded in Beira in 2001 by dancers
and musician from the big traditional music and dance group ”Companhia de música e dança traditional da Beira”.
They immediately won the young musicians festival “Music crossroads” and were nominated to participate in the regional festival the same year. They won several prizes, one were invited to visit the ethnicmusic festival in Sweden “Fallun”.
Their music reflects traditions from the central part of Mozambique and the specific marimba from that area called “Timbila” is heard on many of their songs. It must be considered as contemporary music with a strong
traditional touch.
Djaaka is a true live band, skilled musician and good dancers, all dresses down in real “African outfit’s very light clothing. Their live performance has impressed not only the Mozambican audience, it has brought them to
Festivals at La Reunion, Mauritius, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Italy and United Kingdom. They have won the “ Best Mozambican band” award three times at TOP-Ngoma, held by Radio Mozambique.


"Mbole Mbole na Yona" 2002
"Unidade nacional" 2010

Set List

1. Ndaka doa
2. Tcaku Tchena
3. Djogoro
4. Mudjimo Wango
5. Khalimani
6. Mbole Mbolhe Na yona
7. Urombo Wanga
8. Manumako
9 Tchemerani Nhyanga
10 "Unidade Nacuíonal"