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"Interview with DjabK"

Tate: Hey Geoff, tell me some more about your album that got featured on Pandora, what would you consider the style first of all and how is it different from your other work?

Geoff: My first album; "Peace of my Soul," was a time of darkness. Were music made the darkness shed and light shine through. I was being mocked by so many people because the style of my music wasn't a formal way of dubstep but my own verision of EDM with heavy bass. I consider it Dubstep because I make sure the bass hits are felt through the body; kinda like the ancient kongs in the older days. "Music that is felt but doesnt hurt ", as Bob Marley would say. My first album was deep; full of emotions and dark energy; with that album I let go of my past mistakes; thus, my newer work is more fullfilled with happiness or so called enlightment; which is why my next album will be called, "Music is my Religion," because I didn't give up.

Tate:I like your take on dark and light energies influencing your composition. You mention people mocked you because your music wasn't the "formal" way of dubstep, what is the formal way of dubstep and why is yours different? Do you think all artists in your genre need to follow the same formula to making their music?

Geoff: Most dubstep has a buildup and a drop. Its repetitive and gets majorly boring after the first few verses. It will follow your normal composition of music but repeating the same sounds over and over. I follow the normal composition of music but add more unique sounds per transitions; I make each verse a little different and unquie to make the listener less bored because the ever going changes amongst the song but keep it simple. I think art is art; and no one should follow anyone but what you heart or soul desires to say. I simply am making my own path; it would be great for more Dubstep artists to shy away from the norm.

Tate: Great response. What do you think is the most important part of being a new artist?

Geoff: Spreading love. Love is a universal energy that everyone can respond to. Everyone is different; everyone tic's different; hell most of us do everything different than the most. Spreading love means you just accept the way life is instead of expecting it to be like you. I just want everyone to accept who they're and be proud of it. Even when mocked people are looking at life through their eyes and make judgements based on their views; if I could say one thing....just love; it will make the biggest change; not only in your life but amongst everyone you inflict it upon also.

Tate: That's an awesome view to have. Lastly, tell us a little about yourself!

Geoff: I am a disabled / retired Marine; yes still young, 26 and ticking. I live with nerve damage and the loss of function of my left hand and arm. I am from a country town in Ohio named: Jefferson. I basically worked on farms my whole life. I work on music to ease the pain that I suffer from on a daily basis to help those around me accept their life as it is. I am also studying to become a Bio-Chemist to maybe unlock some of the hidden things in the world. I enjoy baseball as it was my favoirite sport; GO CLEVELAND INDIANS.

Tate: Thank you for you time! - Dewme Records


Album; "Peace of my Soul" released 1/28/2013 to all online retailers/radio stations.

The first album will be able to be obtained via Pandora

Album; "Music is my Religion," hasn't released with a date as of yet.



Supported by RIPPLN, Mollywater, and EDM Universal.

Geoffrey after high school decided to join the United States Marine Corps; although, his intention's were to come home safe; Geoffrey, ended up getting injured while in the Military; while, obtaining life long nerve damage and paralysis to his dominate left hand and arm. After fighting death the Marine Corps training seemed to pass the test. He started working on music with Mathew Massena; another part of the newly formed Dj duo. Geoffrey and Matt have worked on music their whole life; DjabKs' first album; "Peace of my Soul," will be on Pandora; with their sequel release of "Music is my Religion." DREAMS DO HAPPPEN, DjabK is ALIVE!! MUCH LOVE