DjabK means Don't Just Act Behind King in reference of Buddhism and Zen Proverbs. Two local Dj's colloid to become DjabK. Childhood friends come together with new and improved EDM music with their own twist.


Supported by RIPPLN, Mollywater, and EDM Universal.

Geoffrey after high school decided to join the United States Marine Corps; although, his intention's were to come home safe; Geoffrey, ended up getting injured while in the Military; while, obtaining life long nerve damage and paralysis to his dominate left hand and arm. After fighting death the Marine Corps training seemed to pass the test. He started working on music with Mathew Massena; another part of the newly formed Dj duo. Geoffrey and Matt have worked on music their whole life; DjabKs' first album; "Peace of my Soul," will be on Pandora; with their sequel release of "Music is my Religion." DREAMS DO HAPPPEN, DjabK is ALIVE!! MUCH LOVE


Album; "Peace of my Soul" released 1/28/2013 to all online retailers/radio stations.

The first album will be able to be obtained via Pandora

Album; "Music is my Religion," hasn't released with a date as of yet.