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The best kept secret in music


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CDs: Omni Potent, sets are about an hour to 2 hours, So Insane - streaming, DJ Adrock at Whiteparty, Video/audio


Feeling a bit camera shy


DJ Alexander aka Adrock (founder of Afterworld Productions) is one of the East Coasts' most highly sought after DJ's/ producer's who continually breaks new musical ground.

Now DJ Adrock has revamped his sound with a concentrated techno and house blueprint for his new Afterworld Production Company and DJ mix compilation CDs.

A native of New Jersey, DJ Adrock first experienced music surrounded by the sounds of Swet Schikovsky and Rachmaninoff. He later developed an appreciation for all genres of music. By age 8, he was playing pieces by Beethoven on his parent's piano after taking only a few lessons. His music teacher is responsible for giving him the name ADROCK, after he recited a piece for her without reading the music. She replied,"Alex David Reynolds, you are One Creative Kid"; hence, A D R O C K.

In the years that followed, after hearing the sounds of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins Clear by Cybertron, Jean Luc Ponty ,Parliament, he realized that his drive for mixing and entertaining through music was not only a passion, but a gift that he needed to take advantage of.

By his junior year in high school, he was given his first two turntables, and spent countless hours on the mixing, blending and scratching of two records. While underage and still in high school, he landed jobs playing at the hottest clubs in south Jersey (Enchante, West L.A. Café, and Franchines).. After graduating high school and attending college to receive his Associates Degree in Business Management, Adrock moved to Chicago. Here, Adrock was exposed to the true deep, deep sounds of the underground (808 State, etc ).

By 1991, he was laying down the wax in clubs such as Berlin, The Shelter, and Excalibur, while conversing with greats such as Fast Eddie, Jammin' Julian, Jumpin' Perez and Bad Boy Bill. While mastering his skills in the city where House music originated, he decided it was time to head back home. In 1992, while attending a dance Club called Club Xero in Philadelphia, he heard the Dj play a track he heard while in Chi -Town called Technarchy, on Plus 8 Records (Detroit) and sprinted to the dj booth.

After befriending the golden dreadlocked, soon-to-be icon by the name of Josh Wink and the GM, Clark Maloney, Adrock was soon invited to take over for Josh, and history was made. While still living in New Jersey, Adrock had emerged as one of Philadelphia's top DJs, as he introduced this virgin city to the sounds that were not available in the local nightclub scene.

From then on he became the resident at clubs such as 2001, and the still-talked-about infamous Aztec, where jungle was first introduced to the club scene in the City of Brotherly Love. In 1993, an almost fatal
car crash left Adrock in paralysis and in a halo for six months. This temporary physical limitation heightened his spiritual awareness, which included contemplation of his life's purpose.

After semi-full recovery, he moved to Miami to explore other opportunities and to further his name, and did so by landing gigs at the famous Groove Jet, Liquid and Bash; playing with artists such as David Waxman, Luis Diaz, David Padilla, to name a few. Alex Adrock continues to hold down residencies in Philadelphia and New Jersey, and has rocked dance floors across the globe with the likes of Diesel Boy, John Aquaviva, Juan Atkins, Dj Dan, Dozia, Robby Tronco, Kimball Collins, Simply Jeff, and many others.