when it comes to trance anything from Melodic & euphoric to psychedelic or dark, when I bring house anything from progressive & electro, to UK Hard House, Whatever the situation calls for.


Started in the Electronic Music Scene at the age of 13 back in 1995, I fell into a whole new world of beautiful sounds, Banging Bass, crazy synths. & just really great people who don’t discriminate but embrace one another and gather for one purpose, "THE MUSIC". Then late in 2001 I decided to learn the art of the turntables. Performing Uk Hard House, Psy trance, NRG, Hard Trance, and slowing it down a bit with some House, Cyber /Progressive /Euphoric Trance, ready to make the Dance floors of the world BURN. To me, seeing all kinds of people together, non-stop dancing in the crowd as I mix is the greatest gift / High I could ever ask for and I thank every single one of you. I started producing my own tracks late in 2006, using Propellerhead’s Reason, Mackie’s Ultimate Tracktion, and my KICK ASS Mac Laptop, and haven’t looked back. "FOR THE LOVE OF THE MUSIC"


Promotional Albums: Tranceformation, Rise to Psy, Old Skool'N

Original Tracks: Unplug, Delusions, Skip-Tracers, Delusions "Floor Burner Remix"

Set List

Depends I play anywhere from 30 minutes, to 3-4 hour sets before. I dont really plan anything out before hand, just go with my heart & off the crowd.