DJ Aladdin

DJ Aladdin

BandHip Hop

West Coast Flava with the crossover of the South Coast.


My music has a universal appeal influenced by artists such as Tupac, Jay Z, LiL Wayne. DJ Aladdin, World Champion DJ/Producer. DJ Aladdin produced artists such as Lord Finesse of New York. W.C. of the Westside Connection. Ice t of the movie series "Law & Order". DJ Aladdin also produced the song "New Jack Hustler" from the movie
New Jack City.DJ Aladdin also produced the remix to the song "Get Off" from the artist formerly known as "Prince". DJ Aladdin produced the LP "Were In This Together," from the group "Low Profile".DJ Aladdin also did a DJ set on YOMTV Raps with the Legendary DR.Dre & Ed Lover.DJ Aladdin produced the song "Ricochet" from the movie "Ricochet" Starring Denzel Washington & Ice T. Aladdin also produced the song "Depths of Hell" from the movie "Trespass"Starring Ice Cube & Ice T.


"Be This Way" single
"Party" single

Set List

30 to 45 minutes.
Be This Way
Bang,Bang..Hype the Crowd.