Electronic producer, sits in chair behind table on stage, plays music ranging in BPM from 60-160, live vocals, often live drum or sample triggering, smooth transitions, rolling sub bass, electric piano, dance, waves, haze, hums, drones, dreamtones, sidechain, Gandhi rhythm, swing snares. Humility.


Seattle native DJAO, aka Alex Osuch, has been a DJ for over a decade, but the last two years have seen him shift focus towards his work as a producer. It began at the in-office studio of a former employer, where he was permitted to come in after-hours and hungrily experiment late into the night. It’s been in the past year, however, that his music has really begun to take shape and flourish. After joining up with Dropping Gems, Alex began to produce in earnest, and his live performances have since evolved on a nearly show-by-show basis. His music covers a wide swath of the electronic spectrum, with no ultimate plan to settle on any single style. Instead it exemplifies the progressive tradition of mixing elements from different disciplines into a cohesive whole, in service to a central harmonic vision.


Wuhn EP, 2011

"Wuhn is the debut release from Dropping Gems family member DJAO, aka Alex Osuch. The tracks appearing on Wuhn represent some of the most characteristic sounds found in his repertoire: organic rhythms, rolling sub-bass, and the enveloping presence of human voices. It attempts to describe, from beginning to end, a journey through a kaleidoscopic array of natural environments, each with their own tone, tempo, topography and synesthetic color scheme. The humid grittiness of “Underbrush” bursts apart to reveal the vast openness of “Through The Fields,” which climbs in elevation until the listener is deposited into the fertile rarefication of “Taigamoss.” From these heights the listener is transported, during the night, to the depths of “Moon Sun Ravine,” and after a prolonged psychedelic march he or she stumbles into sunrise and finally into the secluded oasis of “Green Lake.” By the EP’s end, attentive listeners may be surprised to find tree leaves lining their pockets, or creek pebbles in their shoes. The EP also represents the immense amount of loving support that Alex has received since beginning to make music in earnest, and exists to both reflect and transmit that feeling in return to his community and the world at large."

Hxdb / DJAO 'No Northwest Cycle 2 EP #1' 2011