Rochester, New York, USA

Dubstep DJ out of Rochester, NY who brings a high energy performance to any event.


I have been writing music since 2002, mixing since 2003, and am a certified Audio Engineer since 2007. I am capable of mixing various genres of music that range from Dubstep to Trance to Jungle to Industrial/EBM. I try not to be a "boring" DJ (someone that just stands there nodding their head to the beat while mixing). I try to bring as much energy as possible to my live sets to really get the crowd going.

As far as original productions, I currently have been producing Dubstep and some Trip Hop/Downtempo here and there as well.


With my original solo project from 2002 to 2005, I released three albums. Currently have only released singles under the "Dubstep" genre as of late.

Streaming original productions and DJ mixsets can been heard here:

Set List

A typical set list consists of primarily Dubstep tracks that have a deep sub and/or a fast-paced dirty bass lead to get the crowd moving.

A typical set is usually an hour long, but it always depends on the time allotted at any given event.