Dj Asylum

Dj Asylum

 Suffolk, Virginia, USA

My style is unique. I bring a feel good vibe with an awesome energy flow.


I have been spinning for six years. Have played various gigs and shows. I adapt my style to the dance floor energy and love the music. I am inspired by other DJ's and by my friends who encourage me to always keep a unique edge. My style sets me apart from others. I tend to mix up edgy beats together and bring a different sound everytime I play.


I currently have one CD and is available to download. It is called Too Beat Freaky by DJ Asylum on Podomatic. I also did a show with my good Friend Zenergy and that is also available to download on Podomatic. That is called Sobo Sessions it is a 3 1/2 hour tag set.

Set List

My typical setlist is 10-12 tracks. Set times are usually an hour long. My songs for the demo I have submitted are as follows...1) Tom EQ-Original Badman. 2) Doogie Houser-Raisen Brand. 3) Sawgood-Pompin. 4) Shab Ruffcut- Hustler. 5) Rektchordz-No Dice