DJ Axel

DJ Axel

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I produce and DJ mashups that pack dancefloors.


Peter Axelrad "DJ Axel" began playing drums at the age of nine in the suburbs of Chicago. In the mid 90's Axel was playing drums with the funk band Strange Fruit in London, England. As the UK DJ scene was blowing up, Axel began working as a live drum accompaniment to DJ's...and soon began DJing himself. He then moved to San Francisco where he worked as the controller for OM Records and DJ'd for numerous clubs and raves. The Bay Area turntablist culture inspired him to begin producing mashups. Axel now lives in Los Angeles working for New Line Cinema's music department and DJing for hollywood clubs and film studios. In April, 2007 Axel released an all mashup album called "Breakin' The Law"!


DJ Axel - Breakin' The Law
15 Track Album

"Breakin' The Law" debuted at #37 on the CMJ Hip Hop Chart and #40 on the CMJ RPM Chart in July, 2007. Over 150 College radio stations have added the album...and 6 of those stations are charting it at #1 !!

Set List

I spin fun, poppy dancefloor mashups.