A 2man Band w/ acoustic and high technology combined to create a soothing sound of a live band.That's right,2 person but comparable to 7 person(4rhythm+3 frontliners) w/c is the most common set up of bands today.A dynamic duo to take you back from the oldies to goodies up to present covers.Check it!


D'JAYS,which came from the initials of the 2 person responsible(Peejay and MJ), was recently formed to give an alternative way of band experience with an affordable fee. Only 2 person but comparable to 7man team(4rhythm+3frontliners) w/c is the most common set up of bands today.Yes,both talented and gifted,we came from various bands and played along across the country and various bars,clubs and hotels.Now together,partners in reel and real life,we will bring you back to the sound of oldies but gith acoustic and high technology combination of sound.The name D'JAYS which was also derived from the name jay,symbolizes resurrection of a colorful new breed of talented people and will fly you high all over the world with our kind of music.That is what jays(a colorful bird from crow family) are known for in some beliefs.Crows believe to have something to do with resurrection once they show up.And now the rest is history.Ready to show everything we got, just like love birds, we will spread love and music throughout the world in an affordable price.Anyway, fulfillment is priceless which is what we offer.Check us out!!!


Singles?Album? It's in the making and soon to be released so hang on!!!!!