DJ Barry Carew

DJ Barry Carew

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I am Austin party rock DJ that travels the globe spinning the hottest Mashups and remixed live music. I am also a world class hype man and always keep everyone on the dance floor with there hands in the air, smiling, track after mind blowing track! I can spin any kind of music and people like me :)


Austin, Texas. United States

Deejay Barry aka Barry Carew is know for having contagious enthusiasm in any venue, club, or bar he plays. Barry Carew has been a ICON in the Texas nightclub and concert scene for nearly 10 years. But even before he was one of the most sought after DJ’s in the state of Texas he was rocking crowds as a youngster in Central Florida. Deejay Barry Carew started making hot mix tapes in the mid nineties and was instantly accepted by clubs of all types. Playing HIP HOP, HOUSE, and BREAKS he seemed to have endless talent in the clubs at a young age.

In the nineties Barry Carew joined the United States Armed Services. Deejay Barry rocked crowds all over the world when not in uniform. Deejay Barry created a network of National and International clubs and festivals he still plays to this day.

For the last 10 years Deejay Barry Carew has been a DJ, MC, Host, or Hypeman for some of the biggest names in the business. In Texas Deejay Barry rains supreme as one of the only national and international touring DJ’s. He has held mix shows on B106.3, HOT 93.3, 92.3 and many more live from the club mix show slots.

He is part of the World Famous Skribbleno Entertainment which is headed up by non other than DJ Skribble. He also tours with Skribble internationally. Deejay Barry is currently releasing studio hit after studio hit. Deejay Barry is also collaborating with DJ Skribble on major club bangers to be released winter of 2010.

Deejay Barry plays regular celebrity and red carpet events throughout the country, and if its a major event in Texas or United States you will be sure to see him. Deejay Barry Carew plays open format music including Hip Hop, Electro House, Mash-Ups, Dance, House, and Retro with breaks. He is known internationally for his “Open Format” abilities. You will never see another DJ who can rock the mic and get the party started while giving flawless and mind blowing mixes track after track. He is a master of his craft and his ear to ear smile while rocking the crowd breathes new life into any dance floor. Deejay Barry is one in a million and is friends and respected by everyone in the music and entertainment business.

2009 Headlines-

-Spring Break Tour with DJ SKRIBBLE & Student (26 Cities)
-Opened For T.I in Las Vegas for 18,000 people with Skribble.
-Britney Spears Afterparty’s
-Skribble & Barry Two Turntables and a microphone @ STUDIO 54 VEGAS For Bar & Nightclub Convention
-Played 3 Headline Shows for SWSX (South by Southwest Music Fest)
-Headlined (Vinyl Music Festival) Sarasota FL.
-Played NBA All-star Weekend
-DJ’d NFL Superbowl Celebrity Party
-Played 4 shows total Winter Music Festival Miami FL.
-Established 9 National Residency Clubs (L.A, Miami, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Sarasota, NY. NY, Phoenix, Las Vegas)
-USO Tour For Armed Forces To Iraq and Kuwait with Naughty By Nature & Dj Skribble
-Voted Central Texas Best DJ (5th Time) local polls and votes.
-Performed with 39 Hip Hop Acts & Bands in 2009
-Club District . Com # 3 most downloaded DJ. According to
-Dropped two DJ mixes downloaded over 100,000 times.
-Headlined New Years Eve- Doha Qatar.


Deejay Barry Carew Live Mix from the summer of 2009 pool partys. This mix is a very fun and has tons of great remixes by Deejay Barry and Friends. The mix is 100% live with no edits! We hope you enjoy this one of a kind mix.


Dance, House, Electro, Top 40

Deejay Barry Carew presents PS. YOU ROCK! This mix is full of fun original remixes. It was done 100% live at a show in South Florida. This mix has great Hip-Hop, Mash-Ups, and Dance. If you like a wide variety of music you will love PS YOU ROCK!


Well Folks, in case you have not heard DEEJAY BARRY is from the SOUTH! Deejay Barry Carew has been one of the biggest DJ's in Texas for some years now. This 100% live from all HIP HOP club deep in the heart of Texas will get any Sister to blonde haired blue eyed White Girl jumpin' off! This mix is club bangers and Texas swangers :) HAVE A GANGSTA DAY is a fun Live Hip Hop mix for you to enjoy!


Deejay Barry and Abe The Assassin team up for this classic mix! From hard hitting original electro and house remixes, to funk trendy hip hop. We give it all to you. THE SWANKY LEGG is a instant classic for any party person! Just throw this in the cd player, ipod, mp3, whatever! It goes hard! It aint stanky its just SWANKY!


This is one of the hottest mixes of the year! A sick mix of Electro, Club, Mash-ups, Dance, Hip-Hop, and Dirty South!

This mix was done to show how we do it in Austin and why DJ BARRY CAREW is one of the most requested DJ's in the country! Hope you enjoy! Turn it up!


Set List

I do all live remixes and mash-ups. I take hundreads of songs in a set and place them in differnt mixes at differnt times creating a unique sound and flooding the dance floor...