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San Diego, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

San Diego, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"DJ Bassassin Working on Second EP"

Entertainment Scoop caught up with DJ Bassassin and learned that he is working new music and will be performing at South by Southwest this year. He is working on his second EP while preparing to perform for the second time at South by Southwest, which will be on March 19.

During brief interview, we learned that he would love to work with Sam Smith. It seems that a lot of DJs find Sam Smiths music to be something that they can work with. That would be an interesting collaboration if it ever happens.

The San Diego, California raised DJ specialized in Electro Dance Music. To be more specific, his genre is trap, dubstep and hip-hop.

For more information on DJ Bassassin, visit - Entertainment Scoop

"BTD interview"

Hi there DJ! I got to say your music is hot! I can’t wait to sit down and talk to you about your music more in-depth but before we begin, could you tell our listeners where you are from?

DJ Bassassin: Hey guys thanks for having me on the show. I am DJ Bassassin and I am from Hollywood, California.

As I said at the beginning, your music is hot. “Electronic Man” Makes me want to get up and dance. I sure would like to know more about this song and how it got started.

DJ Bassassin: It came together from first hiring a singer by the name of Melissa Hollick and she wrote lyrics on how DJs and EDM takes away all her worries. For the track I was inspired by mid tempo tracks from English Dubstep producer Nero.

I see that you are a Dubstep artist, how did you get involved in Dubstep? Do you remember the first song you heard that sparked your interest with Dubstep?

DJ Bassassin: Becoming a dubstep producer was my publicists idea. I used to be a Hardcore producer until I decided I wanted to making DJing and producing a more lucrative career. The first song that got my into dubstep would probably be Swagga by Excision and Datsik. I heard that so many times at EDC 2009!

Can you tell us about your Ep “In Yo Face?” What songs will we find on this Ep? Which is your favorite song off this Ep? How did you come up with the Ep title?

DJ Bassassin: In Yo Face! was something me and my friend DJ Jetsk3 would throw around at each other when we would DJ together. I thought it would be funny for that to be the name of my first release. There are 7 songs on this EP and they are My Addiction, In Yo Face!, Mechatronica, Cyber, Strike, Love Surround Me, and Flash Ya Lighters. My favorite track would be Mechatronica and that is also my most popular song on Spotify at the moment.

Could you take us through a process of how you come up with a song? Does it start with an idea? Does it start with a sound?

DJ Bassassin: My songs first start off with picking a Key. Some producers stick to the same key over and over again but I like my songs to have their own flavor to each. Then I pick how the intro will sound and whether the track will start with a drum beat or with a synth. After that comes the melody and the drop is the most important part of the song which is also the most difficult to get just right in my opinion. Finally I add all the weird sound effects to give it some personality.

What type of equipment do you use? What is your favorite DAW?

DJ Bassassin: I have a Line 6 keyboard and I use FL Studios.

What is your favorite thing about being a DJ? What is your least? When you are DJ’ing do you setup your sets a head of time?

DJ Bassassin: Seeing the look on peoples faces when they hear their favorite song or when they hear a song that they haven’t heard in a while is my favorite sight. I absolutley hate when people come to my DJ booth and try to tell me to play something different while I’m trying to mix. It’s very distracting. I will have songs that I know I’m going to play that night but I also will throw in songs or cut songs very short depending on how the crowd reacts.

“I Am Dracula” is another cool song. I bet this was a hit at Halloween. How do you come up with the song titles? I totally have a visual of Dracula dancing in his cape to this song.

DJ Bassassin: I Am Dracula was really big during October which is exactly why I released it at that time! I was working on a trap beat inspired by Flosstradomus then a commercial came on for the movie Dracula Untold and I loved old Dracula movies as a child so I went right in and used a sample from the orginal Dracula movie and came out with this new Halloween dance party song. Watching Dracula do the Transylvania Twist to this song would be hilarious.

Your video for “Mechatronia” is totally insane! I love it! How did you come up with the story line for this video? How long did it take to put together?

DJ Bassassin: I new this would be the lead single for my EP and when I searched the Internet for a videographer and found the guy that did videos for Dizzy Write I knew I would just let him take complete control of the project. He shot, directed, and edited all himself.

Who were your childhood influences?

DJ Bassassin: When I was a teenager I actually listened to Slipknot, System of A Down, and Korn, and I played guitar but when I found out the DJ in Slipknot was also a Drum and Bass DJ I started getting into that scene and then Korn came out with their Dubstep Metal hybrid CD and from there I picked up the turntables and got into producing.

When you are not rockin music, what do you like to do to chillax?

DJ Bassassin: I love renting movies from Redbox and watching them with my girlfriend.

We would love for you to tell our listeners where they can find your music? If you have any special shout-outs, please feel free to do them now.

DJ Bassassin: You can find me on Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora. Also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook @DJBassassin. Shout out to Mayhem Entertainment PR, my parents, Norris, Codie, Chris, Jesse, Grant, Nolan, Kyle, and Mark. - Beyond The Dawn radio

"New Artist to bring Dubstep Back to Life"

New Artist / DJ Bassassin comes from Hollywood and will be the new rising star in the EDM world. With his new EP titeld In Yo Face! is 7 tracks of pure EDM goodness. The lead single Love Surround Me atsonishes me with the beatufil singing voice of the recording artist and the lyrics written by Bassassin as well.

Mechatronica is the other track that stands out and you can watch the music video on youtube here

My Addiction features the same singer and again lyrics written by Bassassin about his "addiction" to the rave lifestlye.

This is one artist you dont want to sleep on. Go buy his EP on iTunes and follow him on all his social media. - Audio Junk

"Bassassin Releases A Twisted Take On Dubstep, “Mechatronica”"

“DJ Bassassin gives us a taste of what dubstep is in his mind, just a full on track of layers upon layers of unadulterated synths flowing through your sound system. It has a rawness to it that goes deep and would surely grow on you as the tune progresses. The overall dark undertone of the track tackles this unproliferated genre of dubstep that could be very well deemed as a unique sound. Looking forward to what he comes up with next!” - Nelie D

"DJ Bassassin"

Bassassin is superb. His latest EP is a hybrid of edm, pop and alternative. "Love Surround" has a great message. The vocals are clean, good production and nice instrumentation. "My Addiction" has a powerful hook. Strong lyrical content, music composition and breakdowns. Love the way the music pings from ear to ear. Very reminiscent of Skrillex. "Mechatronica" showcases Bassassin's true assets. Beautifully crafted from beginning to end. Instrumentation is very sinister. Feels like an alien abduction. This trance track will have your imagination run wild. "In Yo Face" mesmerizes the senses. Everything about this track is pensive. Production is gorgeous. This is one helluva glow stick of a song. Cyber will literally transport you into the matrix. This song eloquently depicts the true war against machines. In short, Bassassin has the innate ability to arouse all of your senses. His music is a prescription to eternal bliss.” - Vaughn Lowery

"The Future FM"

Love that brutal #dubstep? @DJBassassin brings the heavy #bass in his new single 'Mechatronica'. First listen -> - Adam Javer

"DJ Bassassin - Mechatronica"

Take a look at DJ Bassassin's latest electronic music video Mechatronica. Here's what DJ Bassassin had to say when asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?
"Me and the videographer came up with this concept of an illegal doctoral surgery meets robotic analysis of my body. Like a sci-fi version of Saw." - A/V Revolution

"Artist Spotlight || Bassassin"

Hailing from Poway, California, Tyler Williams, aka Bassassin, has been rocking the SoCal dance music scene as of late. Taking the stage at events ranging in size all over the region, you can catch him playing shows like Life In Color one weekend, while getting down to his beats in the desert the next. This versatility has led him to become one of rising stars in the heavier side of the scene, and fans of genres in the spectrum of hard dance and bass music should really take notice. You can catch Bassassin in Los Angeles next month at Avalon Hollywood on June 9, when he plays with Dieselboy and Downlink for an epic night out. His upcoming release “Bassassins Creed” will be available on Spotify this August as well, a perfect way to close out the summer. Check out his exclusive guest mix below, and read on for our chat with this fresh talent! - EDM Identity


In Yo Face! (EP 2014)

1. My Addiction
2. In Yo Face!
3. Mechatronica
4.  Cyber
5. Strike
6. Love Surround Me
7. Flash Ya Lighters



DJ Bassassin is a DJ from San Diego, California who is also a producer of many different genres of music.He graduated in 2013 from the Musicians Institute with a focus on Music Production and Music Business.For his song "Molly in the Club" he enlisted former Three 6 Mafia affiliate Chrome Korleone to provide the vocalsHe was the 2nd place award winner in the 2016 Remy Martin Producer series for his song "I Am Dracula"He has performed at some of the biggest EDM clubs including the Avalon and the Belasco in Los Angeles, and Omnia and Bassmnt in San Diego. As well as performing at popular music festivals Life in Color and Nocturnal Wonderland.

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