BandEDMHip Hop

an electrifying act playing the latest and greatest electronic music that will leave you breathless and holding your jaw in amazement


Dj blu kaos has 11 years under his belt playing trance break beat house drum and bass hard core hard style drum and breaks and electro influenced by dj dmx diesel boy omar santana sandra collins ferry corsten dave aude kimball collins shasha dave semen it all started for blu kaos in 1997 at an air hanger ever science than he has been on a quest to become one of the most talked about djs in the world striving for greatness he has never stopped learning new styles and ways of electronic music mixing lately he has been working on electro house and perfecting his style with 2 turntables and 2 cdjs also learning how to scratch dj blu kaos is still learning and will always be evolving .


dj blu kaos has mostly done remixes of tracks released by othe djs like show no fear and untill further ground loop featured on his imeem page.

Set List

latest the feva a two disk set disk one is electro house
1 the bailout
2lets get it
4real love
5party people
7hi ferind
8popin bottles
9open your eyes
10supa chron
11electro game
12robo bazz
13dirty freak
14play with it
15justice D.A.N.C.E
this cd is one hour and ten minutes for pro use only not for sale and is posted on imeem and podomatic under dj blu kaos