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Tempe, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Tempe, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
DJ Hip Hop EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"CCbeats Ft. LD & Ariano- Hands Up Review"

Lovin the West Coast vibes from this Tempe trio. First thing I look for, especially in hip-hop, is personality, flow & a good beat – and these guys got all that. However, I’m not really feelin the lyrics are worth listening to. It’s obviously not intended to be a lyrically heavy track, but they’re pretty standard, mainstream shit – which I expect more from someone with a spot on flow like this.
- in Hip-Hop

"Local MCs Showcase Impressive Talent on 'Earsweat Drops'"

By Ana Anguiano, College Times
Published: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Earsweat Drops
Various Artists
Earsweat Records
Grade: B

If you’ve ever wondered what the Phoenix hip-hop scene had to offer, now’s your chance to fully immerse yourself. Earsweat Records has released a compilation album highlighting 14 of its artists.

Earsweat Drops is filled with MCs that are both talented and ingenious. Each track on the album brings a new whirlwind of fresh beats and a different personality. Each artist comes with his own story and leaves the listener wanting more.

That’s really the purpose of Earsweat Drops, to tease listeners and expose them to what the local scene has to offer. Because this album is so varied, it’s hard to single out just a few of the highlights. There is something for everyone.

Highlights include CCBeats’s “Hands Up” featuring LD and Ariano. The upbeat and light-hearted track gets you up and moving in no time.

Rashenal’s “Looking At You” and The Sh!t’s “Ass Dro Not” have incredibly fluid and entertaining samples that get lodged in your memory and will rattle in your brain all day.

The album concludes with a collaborative track, called “The Bass,” which ties up Earsweat Drops like a present on Christmas Day.

Luckily the best is yet to come. Every artist on the compilation album is currently working on a new release that will be put out by Earsweat Records in the future. Give it a spin, find what suits your fancy and support the local scene. You’ll be surprised by what you find. - College Times

"Earsweat Records, Earsweat Drops"

If variety is indeed the spice of life, then my love of the compilation album is evidence I am living rather well. I have always had an affinity for a myriad of artists that can be found conveniently in one place and the myriad of styles from track to track provides the notion that I am getting more bang for my buck.

All of the aforementioned facets are in place on Drops, the new, 16-track album from the collective that is Earsweat Records. Set to drop on May 8, the Arizona record company has put forth their biggest and brightest on an album of Hip Hop that truly appeals to all. From track to track, what becomes apparent is that this isn’t everyday, cut from the mold Hip Hop. This album is rife with originality that strays from any “set rules” of how to make a good rap track. Think the outside of the box thinking and approaches taken by the likes of Tribe, Jurassic and the like.

DJ Cre One “Earsweat Drops Promo Mix” MP3:


G Owens opens the album with “Aviator”—equal parts, Hip Hop and R&B over a clubby back beat. The trippy ethos of the track is bolstered by intermittent singing and rapping and reflects the many genres Owens is influenced by… think a mash-up of Maxwell meets Tribe Called Quest. Piano tinkling opens up “Sacrifice” by Social Studies. Live instrumentation adds an element of authenticity to the track as it moves through the verses of tandem rap lines. Idolize the MC lends the groovy “Earth to Smootha” with more backing piano. Clever lyrical matter and a smooth delivery cap this head bobber of a rap track. “Stress?” by Lakai reflects a vast imagination that mirrors his equally imaginative biography (Unicorn ponies?). Smart lyrics tinged with humor reflect the real life, hard times message that runs through the track. Galactic Basic (with a guest appearance from Optimal) lends “Empty Days”; rife with backing synth and a slight, simple backing beat allows the lyrical matter to shine at the foreground. Rap verses are spit at accelerated speeds and complement the down tempo track pace. Eerie synth opens Jay Speaks’ “Champion.” The track sounds raw and earthy with a gritty element in the background beat and chirps and chimes. Beat box makes an appearance at the track midpoint and while it bolsters the beat, it seems somewhat out of place or possibly an afterthought. Finally, what sounds like a full collaboration rounds out the album with “The Bass.” This track pulls out all the stops with samples, synth, a heavy back beat (live instrumentation in there maybe?)Again, it’s a head bobber track that illustrates the available talent at the Earsweat camp disposal. Arrangement certainly had the forethought to save the best for last.

Who knew there was so much a solid base of simply good Hip Hop in Arizona’s desert? I for one certainly didn’t but this album has been added to a steady rotation in my iPod. Solid talent, good arrangement and professional engineering make this another great compilation of witty and honest Hip Hop and if you can’t find tracks that speak to you here; I would argue if you were really a Hip Hop fan at all. Look for Drops on May 8th at or for more information on individual artists go to their website

By: Christopher West @ - Christoper West

"EarSweat Drops"

Take a bunch of (very talented) mc’s and producers, combine them with great ideas and a creative work flow that equals that of pretty much every great artist in their prime and you get Ear Sweat.

Ear Sweat Drops is something of a rarity; it’s a compilation, of varied mc’s with varied styles that actually works on a whole. Unable to skip a track I was mesmerised by each beat, verse, flow and then some. The beats bang, the rhymes are original and each individual contribution to this project is a rigid testimonial to the fact that everything about hip hop can be and is still great.

The mc’s all follow suit, each one is a hard act to follow, yet they all seem to succeed in holding suit and everyone maintains that quality of sound. Clever rhymes, the head nods for the duration of each and every track.

From Optimals quick-fire multi syllabic rhymes to Lakais smart social every-day-able-to-relate-to observations to G-Owens fantastical daydream sing-rap head nod beautifulness. From the power of Charades brag-spit-im-the-illest type flows to Kye’s mind spinning imaginative concepts , on which the build-up to The Ogre is ingenious.
The music here operates on so many levels and that’s what it is, music, not just uninspired loops and drum machines. Not just another hip hop crew but rather a collective of great minds who know how to please the ears.
- EarSweat Records


Still working on that hot first release.



Hailing from Stockton California/Kailua-kona HI now residing in AZ, this Party/Concert DJ also adds Musical Director and Producer to his title.. 

He has been producing music and remixing since 2003, spinning consistently since 2002 and has been playing music since his childhood. From learning to play his first instrument the guitar, He knew music was his calling. He then learned piano, bass and other instruments by ear. 

Influences range from: Santana, Chicago, Zapp and Roger, Earth Wind And Fire to Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Alchemist, DJ Z-Trip, RJD2, DJ Shadow, Sukh Knight, Diplo and Zeds Dead just to name a few..

Currently DJ Bobz-iLLA has been working all over the valley in AZ.   Spinning at clubs, private events and weddings no matter the demographic.. From Metal shows to Hiphop Showcases, Zilla has been called upon to bring his unique style and flavor to the masses. His genre blending abilities and mixing skills is what separates DJ Bobz-iLLA from other DJ's.  bobz-illa quickly analyzes a crowd to understand their vibe; he has successfully made turning the party out a science.

DJ Bobz-iLLA currently has his own "live" hiphop band as well and has been tearing down  the stage with the likes of: Talib Kweli, Slightly Stoopid, Authority Zero, The Beatnuts, Jurrasic 5, Tech N9NE, Souls of Mischief, Del the funky homosapien, 2mex, LD & Ariano, Phunk Junkeez, Hed PE, Trik Turner, Chronic Future and many more... His music knows no  limits as bobz-illa is the DJ/MC/Keyboardist/Producer for the Live HipHop group: CCBeats.   Bobz-illa, more than just a DJ...

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