DJ Bookum

DJ Bookum

 Hampstead, New Hampshire, USA

DJ Bookum plays a mix of fidget house / nu breaks / hip hop / dubstep / rave / whatever else he thinks will get the dancefloor jumping!


DJ Bookum has become a staple of the New England club and rave scene over the past 11 years with a strong reputation for rocking dancefloors with his signature blend of house, breaks, hip hop and rave. Initially Bookum began mixing house records at parties in college in 2000. It was during these formative years that Bookum learned how to seamlessly incorporate songs from other genres into his sets in order to keep the style fresh and the dancefloor moving. Bookum plays a mix of current electro / fidget house, party rockin' breaks and classics; mixed with the occasional old school hip hop acapella. DJ Bookum has both headlined parties at a number of venues, and opened for a number of large acts over the years including The Freestylers, Rico Tubbs, Bassbin Twins, DJ Venom, Reid Speed, DJ Hype, Baby Anne, Donald Glaude, Freaky Flow, Biz Markie and countless others.


DJ Bookum has had mixes streamed on a variety of web sites including and

DJ Bookum has released 15+ mixes in the past 8 years including Warehouse Weekend, Block Party Bammers & Skunky Bass.

Set List

The tracklist for my newest mix On the Up & Up is as follows:

1. Unique 3 - Take This Love (West Norwood Cassette Library mix)
2. Acid Jacks - Acid Hits All Night Long
3. Green Velvet - Harmageddon (Santiago & Bushido mix)
4. Surkin - Fan Out (Light Year mix)
5. Heavyfeet - Here We Go Again
6. Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (Black Noise mix)
7. Calvertron & Nton - Up Down (Punk Rolla mix)
8. Electric Soulside - Shake It Naughty
9. Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Zedd mix)
10. Crom - Your Caress
11. Belzebass - Broken Symphony
12. Soul Puncherz - Cut Low Wit It (Simply Jeff mix)
13. Kissed With A Noise - Watuppp (Disco Villains mix)
14. Far Too Loud & Alex Mind - Bring Back Boogie
15. Skrillex - Rock N Roll
16. Curtis B - Cough & Choke
17. The Only - Top Of The Jam (Autoerotique mix / Krafty Kuts re-rub)
18. Paula Lobos - Touch the Light (Audiostalkers mix / DJ Icey re-rub)
19. Access Denied - Autostop
20. Wongo - Snoop Dogg Vs Hijack (Wongo Mash)
21. Redman