Dj Boris Abesit
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Dj Boris Abesit

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | MAJOR

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | MAJOR


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Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Boris relocated to Perth, Western Australia.
This was when his musical journey began, as he started to get influenced by everything around him.
Like many other youngsters starting out in the music business, night life and clubs became his biggest love.
Boris started to play music first on turntables and after that on everything from cds to mp3s.
A lover of electronic sound, Boris will try to inspire you with an incredible mix.
When hard work and talent go hand in hand the outcome can only be quality.
Organisations like Technokratia have supported his work since 1998.
An extensive self taught career, based on a long lasting belief in quality music has led to a consolidated position as one of the world’s most enthusiastic artists.
This is reflected both in his surprising DJ sets and extraordinary work in the studio.
Boris was The Winner of The 2010 Real life Inthemix DJ competition in Perth (Australia)
The biggest change in Boris's DJ career happened when he realised he could do whole sets of 8 hours in length, and that his audience would in general stay to listen to the whole set.
This was when Boris started to use three turntables or CD - DJs in his set as he was able to constantly mix.
Electronic music opens up new ideas so Boris always tries to express his thoughts in sets.
Some say that when they hear his sets they can experience the entire adventure in their heads. Boris has always found inspiration in House music, but House Music is not like it was 15 years ago, now it is much more diverse.
Boris's sets are full of different forms of House music and from everything he uses he likes to make a good story with his set.
Currently Boris prefers a little more tech house and clean house in the mix but sometimes he lets the Progressive House in if he feels that it is the right moment.
Many people ask Boris, when he has so much talent in the mix, and ideas, why not get involved in production?
His answer is always the same: he doesnt want to deal with production and to create anything, when he has such a good team of people around him for things like production - They will make only hits.
Currently Boris does not have the time to sit for hours in front of the computer and deal with something that is already being made.
He is the DJ who likes to consistently keep his sets in the mix and he does live productions on the stage, because he puts together two songs to get a third, which no one has ever heard.
Boris's greatest wish in electronic music and DJ-ing is to try to create a sound frequency so that people will be able to experience various emotions.
Boris hopes that in his life he can achieve this for himself. He can only say for now, that he promises good quality electronic music.
As a DJ, Boris has worked in various clubs and appeared at some of the Electronic Festivals. As a result, he can say that he's not sure yet what he prefers.
Clubs are in his heart because of people and the way they communicate during his sets.
While the other, festivals, he likes, because the electronic sound and the wide diversity of topics that he can use at the time of his sets.
He thinks he will be in doubt to the end of his life where he feels nicer - in clubs or festivals.