Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Realizing that you don't just enjoy the music, you live the music, its impossible to pin one style on DJBRIANLINDSAY. Its an amazing combination of all of the electronic genres. In his words, "Whatever works, works."


In 1996, Brian Lindsay was brought from USA to Germany by the way of the US Army. He quickly fell into the House music scene. 2001 Dj Brian Lindsay bought 2 turntables and a mixer and started to work in the field he always knew he belonged in. Brian put in many many hours of practice and quickly made a name for himself by playing his first gig in the Germany reknowned Airport (Wuerzburg) Discotheque. The Airport is his home, and residency to this day. Dj Brian Lindsay can be seen playing in numerous clubs throughout Germany. Be on the lookout for the upcoming selfproduced single “Elektrik Haze”!


"Where It All Began" (Bootleg)
"Elektrik Haze" (Bootleg)
"Long Road" (Bootleg)