DJ B-Times

DJ B-Times


10 yr of experience, Dj B-Times offers brilliant track selection and an innate ability to be perfectly adaptive. He has experience performing, recording, engineering, and consulting. He graduated top in his class at the CRAS (2004) & recently played at Rothbury Music Festival '09


Outdoor parties in the forests of Northern Arizona is where B-Times grew his love for electronic music and took an interest in DJ'ing. Upon moving to Lake Tahoe, Ca in '99 he bought a set of turntables and hooked up with a local crew there. They began promoting small parties at the local bars in South Lake and grew a local following. Once he was done being a ski bum he moved back to Flagstaff, Az to finish college and continued to DJ and promote parties. There he took on his first residency at a local college bar there called "The Boardwalk", playing every Thursday Night. In '03 he and a friend started a band called "Dialectic", which was a jazz infuzed reggae funk band. Three albums later with a booking agent contract in front of them... everything fell apart.
At that time he decided the university there didn't have the curriculium he was looking for and decided to attend the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Az. Graduating at the top of his class in '04 with a degree in Audio Engineering, B-Times made his way to Boulder, Co. There he began working in recording at local studios and live music venues doing audio production. With a busy schedule he wasn't spinning much during this time. His desire to spin records was rekindled in the summer of '07 when a friend who manages a local bar in Boulder was voicing frustrations with their Fri/Sat DJ. B-Times got the job and was back in the game. Influenced by hip hop, reggae, funk, and electronic music his sets contain a dynamic fusion of these elements that keep hips, feet and bodies moving almost every night of the week at his multiple residencies in Boulder, Co.

-Seamless Entertainment


Dialectic: "The Blue Album" 2003 (Dj & Percussion)

Set List

Hip-Hop, Breaks, House, Dancehall, Drum & Bass, Dub Step, Trance, Down tempo, Reggae...

Sets range from 2-4 hours