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Representing the Historic Five Points, DJ Cavem is an O.G.: Organic Gardener, “teachin’ HIP HOP history and how to grow greens” and not the ones you roll. He is HIP HOP: Higher Inner Peace, Helping Other People, an award winning activist, founder of the Brown Suga Youth Festival, B-Boy and Midwife.


Ietef Hotep Vita is DJ Cavem Moetavation, born on the East Side of Denver, CO, in the Historic Five Points community. In the 1930’s to about the 1960’s this neighborhood was a booming jazz Mecca.

In the 1980’s and 90’s this area became the site of violent crimes and had a strong gang presence. letef lived his most formative years during the latter and made the decision to have a different future. A part of this decision came from a visit to Africa where he experienced his Sankofa, he was able to stand in the Doorway of No Return and feel the spirits of his enslaved ancestors.

He came back home and found a name that better suit him. Ietef Hotep Vita; King Peaceful Life/Love. A Kenyan man later told him that Vita also means Rebellion in Swahili. One can see that he personifies this name in his works. He realized the state of his environment and got angry, but instead of adding to the negativity, he put all of his energy into educating his community and started to practice ancestral wisdom.

As a cultural worker he began with the Pan African Arts Society as a youth coordinator for various film festivals they have hosted. He also began studying the art of break dancing under the L.O.F. (Lords of Finesse) crew and the R.F.R. (Raw Foods Rockas).

He found music as a way to express how he felt and to get his message across to others. Ietef as DJ Cavem, has created six albums and produced hundreds of unique beats, always encompassing the roots of HipHop, blending that James Brown funk with the crunk of today. He has practiced his talents as both a poet and promoter for the Café Nuba poetry venue, and shows off his disc jockey skills with Slam Nuba for their monthly poetry slams. He has shared the stage with several artists from Dead Prez to K’naan to Les Nubians. He has shared his musical talents at the National Green Festival, the Denver based Dragon Boat Festival, the People’s Fair and the Denver Black Arts Festival.

In addition to the entertainment realm, Ietef has always been heavily involved in education. Ietef is the founder of an annual event called The Brown Suga Festival, where he brings youth together with holistic healers, educators, and artists for presentations, discussion and networking.

He has lectured at the Denver, San Francisco, and Chicago Green Festivals, the Sustainability Summit at the Denver Convention Center, and in classrooms at Metro State College and University of Colorado Denver. He has also put together panels for the Green Festival and the 2010 Biennial of The Americas hosted in Denver.

He has taught various after school programs focused on Hip Hop Culture with Swallow Hill Music School and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater. Vita was an educator for the African American Studies college preparatory course for Metro State College at Thomas Jefferson High School Denver, CO for the spring 2010 semester. Vita is also an Eco-Cultivator for the local organization Blue and Yellow Logic whose focus is diversifying the “green” movement. In this position he introduced gardening, recycling, composting and other environmental lessons to 20 high risk young adults during the 2009 growing season.

DJ CAVEM is an Organic Gardener with the East Side Growers Collective. Ietef is also working as the Site Manager and Community Coordinator for the Denver Site of Urban Farming, an organization based out of Detroit, Michigan focused on building community gardens all over the country. Vita has secured new community garden sites in food deserts across the city in which he engages the community; teaching them how to grow food, maintain the land, build compost, and harvest.

He is also a grower and workshop facilitator at the new GrowHaus green house project in the Swansea-Elyria neighborhood of Denver, CO, cultivating worms, compost and an Aquaponics project. And his most recent project is teaching an 8-week curriculum of his design entitled, Going Green, Living Bling: Redefining the Image of Wealth in Hip Hop Culture, focused on health, environment, community, social awareness and food justice.

DJ Cavem Moetavation works hard to include the essence of H.I.P.H.O.P., that Higher Inner Peace Helping Other People while staying true to the culture with always including the elements of Hip Hop Bboying, Deejaying, Emceeing, Graffiti Art and Knowledge.

All of the experiences of Ietef "DJ Cavem" Vita, have inspired him to create his fifth album “The Teacher’s Lounge” featuring the award winning single “Wheat Grass” and his latest musical masterpiece, an Eco-HIP HOP Curriculum “The Produce Section - The Harvest” which released Earth Day 2012. This album features guest artists such as Speech of Arrested Development and Tajai of the Hieroglyphics. Both albums are available on itunes and amazon. Cop ‘em, listen and be inspired.





first vers:
Maybe you can help me find direction
Im a deejay in your town looking for direction
Matter fact the produce section
Can I get more
On the way to school
Walking by the prison door
Plus two liquor stores
And a dog park
Talk about a eye sore when the po's park
Have you ever seen a collard Green when it grow up
Now Show Nuff .

But why they murder kings though?
Because they scared of a Brotha
Who knows how to grow
Plus You got that HIPHOP dress
No process
only eat that vegan food
I digest

Deeper than the subway.
See me in the underground
Living in a Earthship
Living off my urban sound

Gotta keep it fresh
And get some land and maintain
Cause every where I go see
Things ain't the same
Everywhere I go son things ain't the same

Mid vers:
Keep yo head high in the struggle don't fall out
Keep your health tight, be ready to ball out
Speak Truth to power, we got to move now
We gotta maintain
This ain't the same now
Tap you use to love to drink
It ain't the same now
Natural Gas up in the water
Make yo faucet flame out
You want some change now?
You want some change now?

Hotter than the suns core
Drilling for the oil
Fracking at the Earth's core

Good thing we all stood up
To that keystone mess
Grow a garden for stress
With Echinacea
And Russian sage for Opalanga
On that raw food diet
Have you checked the price of cancer
Maybe you should try it
Im from the old school
That's what them elders say.

Mentally free
But still eat like slavery
Im trying to see 2020
And beyond

Last vers:
I stand here in a body programmed to be fertilized
With God in my curls and Earth in my eyes
The soil in my thighs and the branches are my flesh
Highlight maps to heaven
Hard to read I do my best
I'm heavin in my chest
My hands intwined with roots
Simple sprouting fast
We can grow just what we choose
What you holdin close to truth?
Can you make the people listen?
To cataclysmic secrets and the chasms speak of mission
And we were climbing like jack on them bean stalks
And with these glass ceilings growing of the tree stops
It's big bang framing with the seed pops it's shell
The tide ebbs and swells
We can't feel it from a cell
They opened up a jail
Closed down a school
But keep your cool son
Not letting the heat wave make you sweat
Is rule one
Jewels won't turn to sustenance and food
When the warming of the globe is done


2005 - Moetavation LP
2007 - Tha Chakras LP
2008 - Deep Rokc LP
2009 - Going Green, Living Bling EP
2010 - The Teacher's Lounge LP
2012 - The Produce Section - The Harvest.


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Set List

60-90 Minute set containing Originals BY DJ CAVEM from his albums.

DJ CAVEM MOETAVATION brings old school Hip Hop and Jazzy beats together with a message of Food Justice, Consuming Consciously and Healthy Living. His original music serves to Communicate Awareness and Victoriously Educate the Masses - C.A.V.E.M.; to not only entertain, but to “Moetavate” people toward change. His performance will feature songs from his new album “The Produce Section - The Harvest”, speaking on Urban Farming, and his work as an O.G., Organic Gardener.