Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

"Isn't it fun to watch someone who loves what they do and is good at it?" "Hi, I'm DJ Ceez,.."


A 6’7 former hooper hailing from Ft. Lauderdale by way of Omaha, NE, born Clarence Jones, I've been spinning for over 20 years, everything from hip hop to deep house, from jungle to alternative. Six months after getting my first pair of 1200s, I was in the midwest DMC DJ championships.. I then started my own mobile DJ service, MC Productions, with partner Mark Davis. Soon after, I started working at Smooth Sounds Recordings as a resident engineer/producer. Building on that success, I then joined forces with DJ Nick Cam Cam to form Vibe Inc. Productions producing indie groups like S.E.L.F and Endiskize and singer Dino. From there I, along with DJ Nick Camcam, Mel Hammond and Jon Bondelli, went on to form the rock/hip hop group Colla Destra, playing all the major venues in Chicagoland including China Club, Metro and Shelter. In 1998, I joined The Lodge Company as the resident DJ at 3 of their main venues, Life’s Too Short, Shennanigan’s and Mother’s Nightclub. I went on to host “DJ Ceez’ Operation Underground” show on WDGC 88.3 in Downers Grove, IL. Currently I'm the resident DJ/producer for hip hop supergroup 21st Century Hip Hop, host of my weekly (thurs 6-8p) radio show on called "Pheromone", and resident producer at P.E.V Productions..


SOUL FLY Ep. (Production work) Bobby & Dylan

"Chips" (Single) DJ Ceez ft. Aztec Dinero, KD Assasin and Fa.

"Sky High" (Single and 3 Remixes) DJ Ceez ft. Christine Fasan and Lomai.

"One Time For Ya Mind" (Single) DJ Ceez ft. Lomai.

"Cool Beans" (Single) DJ Ceez

"Regress" (Remix Production) Radient Devices

"I Want U Right Here" (Single) DJ Ceez

"Check Your Reality" (Single) DJ Ceez

Set List

1) "One Time For Ya Mind"
2) "Chips"
3) "Check Your Reality"
4) "Sky High"