Dj Centera

Dj Centera

 Garden Grove, California, USA

Dj Centera is a popular Trance DJ focusing on the full spectrum of Trance music but mainly on Anthem produced style tracks. Using 4x4 drum tracks, fat bass lines, stellar mid level sequences and inspirational synth leads to get the crowds moving in his uplifting DJ sets and original produced tracks.


Dj Centera is a popular O.C. Trance Dj focusing on the full spectrum of Trance Music (All Styles all Sub Genres). Dj Centera started spinning records and producing Trance Music while in the "So Cal” party seen that exploded in the late 90's. Dj Centera was noted for being a strong advocate around the culture of "Trance Music" and was truly inspired by not just the style and sound of the "Trance Music" movement but the philosophy and culture behind the music. Dj Centera feels that Trance Music represents a progressive state of mind and a culture that contradicts the harsh reality we live in today. In addition, "Trance Music" culture promotes a non-aggressive, non-violent state of mind, as well as embraces the concept of fantasy, love, tolerance and compassion.

Dj Centera has released many promotional mixes over his years through his personal independent dance and electronic music label "broke boy records". Dj Centera faded away from the popular Southern California DJ seen for a few years but has currently revamped his music efforts in 2010 after taking an extended break in 2006 to pursue other interests.

Today Dj Centera is working on exciting and new inspirational and uplifting tracks and is proactively searching for new local So Cal talent to help spread the style, sound and message of "Trance Music" through his independent music label. Dj Centera is enjoying expected growth with exciting new up in coming artists that are coming into the fold of the broke boy records family of artists.


May 2010 Dj Centera Orginal Album "I Want To Go Home" released through broke boy records

July 2010 Dj Centera Orginal Album "A Shared Will To Survive"
released through broke boy records

Both albums streaming on Last.FM, Jango and other Internet Radio Stations.