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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



«Labesse» lexpression en arabe signifie que celui qui la prononce tient la forme. Ce disque vitaminé est une vraie solution pour garder lénergie. Réunissant la fine fleur de lelectro orientalo-européenne, Dj ClicK nous propose une collection de mixs, remixs et rencontres parmi les plus signifiantes de cet axe imaginaire. Une brillante alternative aux vaccins anti-grippe et aux anti-dépresseurs.


L'exercice, qui pourrait être superficiel, prend ici tout son sens, tant le travail réalisé semble respectueux des compositions et des sonorités originelles.

"This is the best release"

This is the best release we have received in a long time of this genre. We will be airplaying this on numerous shows. Great fusion of genres. This is a real gem of a release ! CIUT 89.5 FM Toronto - CIUT 89.5 FM Toronto


06-2006 UHT° Ghost Forest [No Fridge]
11-2005 Dj ClicK Labesse [No Fridge]
04-2005 Dj ClicK & R. Hartner Boumbaclash [No Fridge]
02-2003 Gnawa Njoum Exp Boumbaclash [No Fridge]
05-2002 UHT° Pic de Pollution [Emma – No Fridge]

05-2007 Dj ClicK Burhan Öçal – Trakya all stars melike remix [Doublemoon Records]
10-2006 Dj ClicK Mahala Raï Banda - Electric Gypsyland II [Crammed Discs]
06-2004 Dj ClicK Wide Open Cage - Baby Hood [Expressillon]
03-2004 Dj ClicK Hightone – Bad Weather [No Fridge / Jarring Effects]
05-2003 Dj ClicK Gnawa Njoum Exp – Moussaka [No Fridge]
04-2003 UHT° La Phaze – La Grande Question [Tripsichord]
02-2003 UHT° GG Project – Uht’s Dub Xperience [GG Records]
04-2002 UHT° Meï Teï Shô – Xam Sa Bop remix [Yotanka]

10-2006 Dj ClicK Womeximizer CD 06 - Malful Reaction [Womex]
10-2006 Gnawa Njoum Exp Beginners Guide to Arabian Lounge - Sourie [Demon Music Group]
10-2006 Dj ClicK and D. Krupinski Beginners Guide to Arabian Lounge - La Dame en Rouge [Demon Music Group]
09-2006 Gnawa Njoum Exp CousCous Fest - Tura Tura (Break Dance rmx) [Arezzo Wave / Big Square Music]
09-2006 Dj ClicK CousCous Fest - Malful Reaction [Arezzo Wave / Big Square Music]
06-2006 Gnawa Njoum Exp A Night in Marrakech - Kami Ni Mantara [Union Square Music]
06-2006 Dj ClicK A Night in Marrakech - Malful Reaction [Union Square Music]
03-2006 Tziganiada Gyspsy Garden vol.2 - Motiv Balkanic [Lola’s World]
03-2006 Dj ClicK and R. Hartner Gyspsy Garden vol.2 - Vasalache [Lola’s World]
02-2006 Gnawa Njoum Exp Oriental Garden vol.4 - Kami Ni Mantara [Lola’s World]
07-2005 Dj ClicK and R. Hartner Bucovina Club Inel Inel de Aur shantel remix [Essay Recordings]
05-2003 Gnawa Njoum Exp Indétendances II - Kami Ni Mantara [FNAC]
08-2002 Dj ClicK Mix Stereophonie mix [No Fridge]
06-2002 Gnawa Njoum Exp In Bloom II - Kami Ni Mantara [French Music Export Office]
02-2002 UHT° How Do You Sleep ? [Jarring Effects]
09-2001 UHT° Polar project (titre exclusif) [Mk2]
04-2001 UHT° Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges
04-2000 Dj ClicK Mix Boxfresh Coldcut [Ninja Tune - Solid Steel]


Feeling a bit camera shy


A&R, Musician, Producer on his label NO FRIDGE, the razor-sharp programming of one of Frances most adventurous DJs carry on with exploring world music.

After setting the band UHT° in 2000, experimenting a new style in electronic music, he met the Moroccan Gnawa Njoum from Essaouira, then explored Eastern Europe borders with Rona Hartner (Gadjo Dilo) and issued two albums from the Boum Ba Clash collection.

He then produced, selected, mixed, and realised Labesse, meaning youre alright ? Desired to cross cultures, this album builds a new bridge between electronic and oriental music. It is dedicated to the dignity of women, to outline a message of hope for peace in the Middle East, to end the fanaticisms, and to bring people together of different origins and cultures thanks to music.

Just finished is UHT° second album «Ghost Forest» made on recycle paper, where wood, the wind of instruments, and the fire of turntables collide and combust with each other. In this latest realisation, ClicK directed its message safeguarding the environment and against deforestation much of it illegal on our continents.

To be released next another brilliant collaboration with Leontina Vaduva, the French soprano of Romanian origin, and a gypsy string group for a new spirit of Folklorotronic !

In Dj set or lives, he interconnects different kind of world music (Oriental, Flamenco, Gyspy or Indian) with electronic sounds. His very visual world mix (Theremin, planisphere, beat box, vinyls covers...), including belly dancer and musicians, is conceived as a passport to adventure. No visa sessions which make the audience jump off the floor !