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Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE
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ClicK Here Delhi to Sevill (No Fridge 2010)
Dj ClicK Flavour (No Fridge 2007)
Dj ClicK Labesse (No Fridge 2005)
Dj ClicK & R. Hartner Boumbaclash (No Fridge 2005)
Gnawa Njoum Exp Boumbaclash (No Fridge 2003)
UHT° H2O (No Fridge 2010)
UHT° Ghost Forest remix (No Fridge 2008)
UHT° Ghost Forest (No Fridge 2006)
UHT° Pic de Pollution (Emma–No Fridge 2002)

Dj ClicK Nidi d’Arac - Ipocharia remixed - Taranta Container (Tarantulae 2010)
Dj ClicK Dobranotch - Batuta – Balkan Grooves (Orange World 2010)
UHT° Djako - Opium House (Editions Dargent 2009)
Dj ClicK Angela Maria - Mayoral - Como Soy (Autoprod 2009)
Dj ClicK Zulu 9.30 - 1000 Tormentas (Son de-3 2009)
Dj ClicK NSista - Cablova (Autoprod 2009)
Dj ClicK Watcha Clan – Goumari (Piranha 2009)
Dj ClicK Mukta – N’Toto Mountains (Mvs Records 2009)
Dj ClicK Warsaw Village Band - In the Forest (Kayax & Jaro 2008)
Dj ClicK Santa Macairo Orkestar (New Speed 2008)
Dj ClicK Musica Magneta – Beliscando (Candeeiro Records 2008)
Dj ClicK La Cherga & Irina Karamarkovic - Trouble dub (Asphalt Tango 2008)
Dj ClicK La Caravane Passe - Balkanski Bal (Tzig’Art 2008)
Dj ClicK Rachid Taha – Nokta (No Fridge 2007)
Dj ClicK Frohlocker - Dunkelgold (Galopp 2007)
Dj ClicK Fantazia – Khira (No Fridge 2007)
Dj ClicK Burhan Öçal & The Trakya all Stars - Melike (Doublemoon Records 2007)
Dj ClicK Mahala Raï Banda - Electric Gypsyland II (Crammed Discs 2006)
Dj ClicK Wide Open Cage - Baby Hood (Expressillon 2004)
Dj ClicK Hightone – Bad Weather (No Fridge / Jarring Effects 2004)
Dj ClicK Gnawa Njoum Exp – Moussaka (No Fridge 2003)
UHT° La Phaze – La Grande Question (Tripsichord 2003)
UHT° GG Project – Uht’s Dub Xperience (GG Records 2003)
UHT° Meï Teï Shô – Xam Sa Bop remix (Yotanka 2002)

UHT° Electro Swing Fever (Wagram 2010)
Dj ClicK (Dobranotch remix) - Balkan Grooves (Eastblok Music 2010)
UHT° Brass, Wires and Bass - DJ Delay (Beaming Productions 2010)
UHT° New Groovers (Savant Savage 2009)
Dj ClicK & Rona Hartner (Shantel remix) Beyond the Horizon, selection by Charlie Gillett (Warner 2008)
Dj ClicK Balkan Fever (Wagram 2008)
Dj ClicK & Leontina Vaduva Balkan Fever (Wagram 2008)
Tziganiada Mondomix Experience (Wagram 2008)
Dj ClicK Globetronica by Pathaan (Platipus records 2008)
Dj ClicK & Leontina Vaduva Seçmece Balkan (Pozitif 2008)
Gnawa Njoum Exp Experience Morocco (Demon Music Group 2008)
Dj ClicK & Rona Hartner (Shantel remix) Auf Der Andersen Seite (Essay Recordings 2007)
Dj ClicK & Rona Hartner Nuit Tsigane (Divan du Monde/Crammed Discs 2007)
Dj ClicK & Rona Hartner Balkanology (Runway Music 2007)
Dj ClicK French Essentials IV: World Music produced in France (Bureau Export 2006)
Dj ClicK Womeximizer CD 06 (Womex 2006)
Gnawa Njoum Exp Beginners Guide to Arabian Lounge (Demon Music Group 2006)
Dj ClicK & D. Krupinski Beginners Guide to Arabian Lounge (Demon Music Group 2006)
Dj ClicK CousCous Fest (Arezzo Wave / Big Square Music 2006)
Gnawa Njoum Exp A Night in Marrakech a (Union Square Music 2006)
Dj ClicK A Night in Marrakech (Union Square Music 2006)
Tziganiada Beginners Guide to Eastern Europe (Demon Music Group 2006)
Tziganiada Gyspsy Garden vol.2 (Lola’s World 2006)
Dj ClicK & Rona Hartner Gyspsy Garden vol.2 (Lola’s World 2006)
Gnawa Njoum Exp Oriental Garden vol.4 (Lola’s World 2006)
Dj ClicK and R. Hartner Bucovina Club - Inel Inel de Aur shantel remix (Essay Recordings 2005)
Gnawa Njoum Exp Indétendances II (FNAC 2003)
Gnawa Njoum Exp In Bloom II (French Music Export Office 2002)
UHT° How Do You Sleep ? (Jarring Effects 2002)
UHT° Polar project (Mk2 2001)
UHT° Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges (2001)
Dj ClicK Mix Boxfresh Coldcut (Ninja Tune - Solid Steel 2000)



Polymorphic artist DJ Click has long been an accomplice of the most ebullient projects: with the extravert Rona Hartner for tsigane traditions as well as the gnawas of Essaouira, pending his Zuco 103 brasileiro or African mixes with Issa Bagayogo. His field of predilection: moisture-filled dance floors where his mixes ardently pulsate a range of Mediterranean musical styles. Incorporating tsigane, oriental, klezmer, flamenco or gnawi rhythms, DJ Click delivers techno, drum'n bass on another mode, and in another time zone… Those of the future! A universal, communicative and festive language, with tonic accents and over-energized tempos, making bodies talk…

He produced a dozen cds in his studio, numerous remixes like those of Warsaw Village Band, Mahala Raï Banda, Burhan Öçal, Boogie Balagan or Rachid Taha, and his no visa music was released on prestigious compilations. DJ Click is an adventuresome alchemist who infuses rural with urban and extracts living music from electronic mechanics.

He realized a radio broadcast for several years on the indie Férarock network, and organized famous parties, booking trans-European artists to shake the venues and clubs in Paris. His worldtronica touch has paved the way for a truly international league of cultural diversification. On stage, he invents a new kind of digital folk, inviting the musicians he has met to play on his machines. Booked on main festivals, clubs and international fairs, from South Korea to Brazil, from Balkan to North Africa, he spreads his style all over the world zone.

DJ Click is at the helm of the ship, travels port to port, heart to heart, in a heated voyage of tempo and timing, discovering traditional musicians, vocals, typical sounds of a city or a country, for a new series of albums initiated with this first opus that will take him in all parts of the globe. These instrumental unions are orchestrated with the mastery of the epoch’s greats and unfurl like a modern fresco painted with ancient hues, at once unique and universal, spreading joyous, 21st-century folklore. It is a passionate mixture, one feverishly celebrated in the streets in unrestrained festivity, in the blur of all-nighters that never see the break of day. It could be said that this voyage to distant lands sends back postcards to be read with the ears.