DJ Craig Wood

DJ Craig Wood


House DJ with a music background dating 14 years seperating himself from the masses via a high-energy charasmatic laced stage presence, solid track programming, seamless mixing, and crowd interaction.


"I really get into the science of mixing, it intrigues me. All aspects of DJing intrigue me."
- Craig Wood | Collegiate Times, March 2005

With an industry flooded with cookie cutter styles and overplayed anthems, standing out amongst the masses can prove to be a challenge. After putting down his guitar and investing in a pair of turntables over five years ago, Craig Wood continues to put everything he has into his passion for electronic dance music.

"When it comes to music, I always wanted to try everything, so I played bass and guitar in several different bands throughout the years. I remember playing my first live show with my first band back around '95. I remember everything from the smell of the club to the stiffness of my body from the nerves! Most of all, though, I remember the rush and the expression on the faces of those watching us. I knew music performance was something that would always be a part of my life."

It was the various musical influences from Craig's band experiences that continue to fuel his current style and sound. His global appreciation for multiple types of music can be heard in his mixes which are compiled through various house subgenres.

"I can't really explain it, but I always knew what had 'the' sound...I grew up loving everything from Hendrix and CCR to Van Halen and Grandmaster Flash! Diversity is the only thing that will set one musician aside from the next."

Although he was still attending a univerity in SouthWest Virginia, during his past five years of DJing Craig has performed throughout the VA/MD/PA region at events such as Sensation@Club 216 (Charlottesville), METRO! (Roanoke) sharing the stage with artists such as Noel Sanger, Suneel, and Stroud to name a few. While still continuing his education, in 2004 Craig became a part of the DJ collective known as the Wrecking Crew (now known as Local Wildlife) who began hosting electronic dance music events in the Blacksburg area and maintained a residency at NERV (Blacksburg).

After graduating a year ago, Craig finally returned to the Washington DC area where he continues to perform in front of crowds and participate in various competitions in order to spread his unique house sound to anyone and everyone--all while working on producing his own original tracks.

"The first thing one has to tell themself is there is no chance for fame and/or fortune. Once you can accept this, you can focus all your energy in the right direction. For me, I never cared about getting paid or becoming a Top 40 sensation, I just wanted to perform; whether it be in front of 10 people or 10,000. A lot of egos flood this industry as it is, I'm simply trying to stand out by breaking the mold through my passion for live performance and my, as cliche' as it sounds, love for the music."


Live Mixes
2004 - Funk All Day, Funk All Night
2004 - The Sum of the Parts
2005 - Perpetual Motion

Set List

Craig's sets range anywhere from 1 to 3 hours and are composed of house tracks influenced by the funky sound of Chicago and the West coast. He averages about 20 tracks per hour.