DJCT aka Salacious Krum

DJCT aka Salacious Krum


DJCT aka Salacious Krum a veteran dj of over 16 years, pushing the boundaries of all genres of electronic dance music, both on the turntables and in the studio.


Genre: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Hard Techno, Techno, Tech House, House, Trance, Old School Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Breakbeats
DJCT aka Salacious Krum has been at the fore front of the NYC & North East Hard Techno & Jungle scene since 1996, from his days at Satellite Records & Dance Tracks, residency at Camouflage to playing his wide range of sets at clubs, raves, festivals and radio shows across the east coast. Including tag team sets with the biggest names in the industry and live shows with Dealin Records. He has been booked to spin Hard Techno, Old School Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Breakbeats, Jungle & Drum & Bass.
In addition to his rigorous dj schedule, DJCT who now resides in South Florida, produces a wide range of Music genres, including Hard Techno/Techno for Dealin Records and Off The Charts Records as well as Happy Hardcore and Drum & Bass. Collaborating with top producers and MC's.
Ever evolving, DJCT founded Movin Silence, record label/dj school and production company. He takes his 15 + years of experience to teach up and coming dj's the art of spinning on turntables.
DJCT continues to reach new levels in his career, cultivating his talents and pushing his dj/production skills to new heights for his love and passion: electronic dance music.


Original Releases:
Drum & Bass:
Drone 166
After Terra
Ravegen X-Periment
Battle Angel
Bassline, Breaks & Speed Garage:
Ravegen X-Periment
Tech House:
Hallucination Analysis
Ancient Alienz
Cosmic Gate
Coded Message
Dj Mixes:
Battle of the Angry Robot Pigs
Angry Robot Pigs
Time Travel
Happy Hardcore Classics 94-99
Journey thru Hardcore Breakbeats
The Remix Vol 1
The Remix Vol 1.5
The Remix Vol 2
October Trance Mix
5th Dimension
March Tech House Mix
Techno Fuckin Flashback