DJ Daz-One

DJ Daz-One


With a good ear a wide knowledge and a love for playing great music I DJ Daz-One bring fun into dj'ing. I play mulitple generes from hip hop to disco. For younger audiences I have edited music much to the delight of parents. I have 17 years of exp. so if you seek a live dj look no further than me.


Musically its just my turntables and me. I play all generes. My experience is my strongest factor for I cater to the audience by planning and getting the nessecary music for the proposed event. I was influenced by the greats (both past and present) Jam Master Jay, Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, Roc Raida & the entire X-ecutioner squad, DJ Premier, Terminator X and so many more.

Set List

My set is catered and designed around the event or show I am working, I.e. old school, top 40, reggae etc etc.