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DJ Derek Fo'ReaL

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Written By: Derek Shantz


Me jonezin' for that sweetness,
Like Pooh Bear at the bee's nest.
Me jonezin' for that sweetness,
Me toke the roach if you don't want the rest!

Verse 1:

Me need to get high. Me'd die to get stoned.
Me can't be getting bye unless me getting boned.
But thats another story at this point.
Between the sheba and the cheeba me really need a joint.
Oh me Oh my when the town fly dry,
brings a tear to me eye and me cry all night.
Worst fear is with beer and no hemp near.
Me frown without the sound of the inbound, "Here..."
Me ain't joking. Me mind start going.
Need creamy, steamy weed to keep me free flowing,
Like a river or me shiver and me shake.
Me sharp like scissors want to be baked like cake.
You might disagree but me mention me belief.
With all the tension in this world we all need sweet relief,
Or me go insane like back in December.
Mr. Jones caused pain if me do remember,
Correctly and directly it really did affect me.
Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep me had a shrink inspect me.
He said "Get fed, get to bed and start dozing."
Me said "Thanks for the tip but it's shit because me jonezin!"

Verse 2:

Tweaking, freaking you know what me speaking.
Thursday's scene and no green since the weekend.
Listen, I'm shook up. I'm missing my hook up.
Like Dillon and Brenda we never really broke up.
One day, two day, three day, four.
Never no more or me be looking on the floor.
Because me hooked to me fixing.
Without me start itching.
Next is the bitching mixing with me twitching.
Me smoking cigarettes right, left and center.
Hoping me be choking off toking off a pinner,
Of the very best or at the very less,
A little bit of funky shit to get me messed,
Up in the head. Me eyes should be red.
You heard what me said.
Do you got any Ted?
Gets bad, ain't rad. Me smoke stem and schmeg.
Pretty fucking sad you role nutmeg.
S.O.S me crossed the line.
Is it really possible to get high off pine.
Tried it. Nope. What me need is dope.
Me a touch unstable and incapable to cope.
So me push together loonies and sometimes even dimes.
Its rough without stuff and causes tough times.
For emergency G's me keep fifteen bones,
Or me cruising for a bruising when me meet Mr. Jones.