Dj Duste

Dj Duste


obscure records of afro/latin/mambo/pachanga/charanga/guaguanco/descarga/son/salsa/son-montuno/guajira selection from Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Cuba,Colombia, Puerto Rico & more from Sth America & Nyc from the era of the 50's-70's.


Well currently I am based in Sweden Stockholm and have been based here for 10 months. I am a music teacher full time to grades 6 - 9 in and english school. I do travel most weekends djing globaly to various salsa congresses. I also mantain a website , where I enjoy featuring part of my vinyl collection & also promoting my remixes & edits of salsa dura. Below is a little write up of how I came to be where am today. Obviously there are always alot of little bits here and there, that I would love to fill you in on one day if we ever meet, to whom ever maybe reading this. Oh boy you are in for a laugh..Imagine an Indian Born Anglo boy, migrating to Brisbane Australia for 20 years then making the move to Norway 2 years ago and now currently based and raising my family in Stockholm Sweden. PHHEWWW !!!! Try saying that 10 times in a row !!!

Name : Dustin Anthony

D.O.B : 27/07/81

Nationality : Australian ( Born in Bombay-India )

How long have I been djing for ?

13 years.

How did I become a latin/Salsa Dj ?

It all started of as me firstly djing at an RNB/HIP-HOP venue called the ' The Gig ' . This club closed down shortly after a few months just as I was getting used to my first club experience as a dj. I was on the hunt to find work again djing not knowing what change of direction lay ahead.

I approached a venue named ' Club Brazil ' which was right in the heart of my home town ' Brisbane '. The manager stated that the club is looking for a dj to play a variety of latin music which they had already in the clubs cd collection. I had to audition for this gig which was another dj I worked with at the previous club ' The Gig ' . Fortunatly I had advantage over ' Dj Booga ' as I could also MC earning me the residency as Club Brazils new dj.

This was my first experience hearing Latin Music besides the general artists which I'd grown up listenting to such as the Gypsy Kings, Santana, Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez . My first plan was to take the clubs cd collection home and study this new genre.

Club Brazil was also a restaurant and I was employed to work from WED - SAT finishing at 12 pm and and on Friday and Saturday nights would finish at 11pm letting another latino dj take over till 3am called Dj Memo. Memo was from El Salvador and he was playing alot more tropical sounds such as Cumbia, Merengue and ofcourse Salsaaaaa.....

I was amazed how people were dancing and the clientele that Memo had following to the real latin music that he had in his collection. It was like an energy I have never felt nor seen before. I go chatting to Memo that first night as he was also equally impressed with my mixing skills and we swapped numbers and addreses where we found out that we were next door neighbours. How IRONICALLY STRANGE...

I would go over and learn his music and also then started to experiment with mixing Salsa with RnB and Merengue with House. I especially grew a deeper interest in Salsa and its catchy firey rhtymns and harmonies. Being a percussionist and vocalist through high school I found Salsa to be so intricet yet simple in its form with me wanting to just keep hearing one montuno after another.

The rest was history you can say ....I started to buy records and read articles from every salsa artist/musician I could get my hands on. 10 years later and after djing in thousands of different events, clubs, locations worlwide I am still hunting and finding records and more info about my passion SALSA.

Who are my favourite artists/bands ?

Joe Cuba, Cheo Feliciano, Ray Barreto, Charlie & Eddie Palmieri, Roberto Roena, Hector Lavoe, Meñique, Playa Sextet, Tito Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Irakere, Conjunto Rumbavana, Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, Ismael Rivera, Carlos Quintana, Nelson Feliciano, Ismael Quintana, Chukale, Oscar D'leon, Porfi Baloa, Los Kenyas, Frakie Dante, Justo Betancourt, Kako, Conjunto Libre, Randy Carlos, Los Blancos, La Renovacion, Grupo Libertad, Orquesta Diamante, Sexteto Juventud, Orquesta Zodiac, Alfredo Linares, Toño Reyes, Combo Uno, Porfi Jimenez, Jimmy Sabater, Larry Harlow, Chivirico Davila, Sociedad 76, Ray Perez Y Los Dementes, and so so so many many more.....the list could honesty go on forever.I also love alot of underfround bands from the 60's 70's.

What equipment do I prefer to use when djing ?

If using vinyl my choice of decks are still TECHNICS 1200 SL MKIII, When using CD players I use PIONEER CDJ series preferably 1000 series and also the old school Denon 2500 series. Mixer wise I love to use a Behringer or Stanton. I like using a KORG effex pad ...thats always fun aswell.


Que Viva La Salsa Dura - Originals & Remixes Volume 1 (Latin Soul Label)

available at:
& many more stores & sites worldwide.

Set List

I usually like to dj for longer periods, however can also adapt to almost surrounding/concept. After gaining the experience from playing to yuppies in Australias finest clubs & events & from Goa India beach parties. To NYC collectors.

My repertoire consists of well those tunes that make you go hmmm!!!

However I specialize in SALSA DURA !!! But from the obscure bands that only released 45's and perhaps 500 copies of lps that were released.

I also love to play afro with latin influences. Latin Jazz, and basically any & every sub genre in the latin field.