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With 10 years of radio, magazine writing and a Sprite tour under her belt, DJ Eko moves people with cross-genre sets. She’s grounded in conscious grooves, hip hop & soul. She spins several weekly residencies in the Bay Area and travels for fashion shows, festivals, clubs, retail and gallery openings


DJ, freelance urban music opinionista and all around saucygirl, DJ EKO can be found sleuthing records, debating urban/pop culture, writing and interviewing for Urb Magazine and selecting sounds for diverse events around the country. Eko's roots are properly laid with a decade-long community radio show on KZSC in Northern California, as well as several club residencies in the Bay area: "Beat Generation", "Kiss" and Places & Spaces (Universal Grammar).

Hip-hop and Soul music have been her foundation for navigation in the world. Always conscious that djing holds the power to amplify and sculpt perceptions of urban music, Eko leans towards focusing and projecting sounds on the positive/love and political/critical levels.

Having worked as a music director for KZSC as well as artists: Quannum, StonesThrow, Project Blowed, Scion, Jurassic 5, Gavin Magazine, and Yahoo!, Eko is recognized as a source of knowledge and understanding of music and politics. She regularly shares panel microphones with icons such as Angela Davis, Jean Grae, Talib Kweli, Sarah Jones, (writers) Toure and Nelson George. She's traveled the US and Japan on a hip hop passport-of-sorts (Sprite Liquid Mix Tour 2003 with NERD, The Roots & Talib Kweli) and travels to dj wherever, whenever inspired.

Eko enjoys laying down sounds coast to coast and counts herself privileged to be invited to be a part of a wide spectrum of events like fashion shows, poetry slams and art gallery shows in addition to club dance floors. Eko makes a point to continue community building with the likes of Power To The Peaceful Festival (M. Franti), GirlFest Hawaii, Youth Speaks/Brave New Voices, Burning Man and the Harmony Festival. Eko's favorite folks she's shared decks with: Questlove, Dj Language, Aloe Blacc, Pam the Funkstress (The Coup), DJ Vadim, JBoogie & Sake-1.

Her current sets are based in hip hop and soul and stretch out to include afrobeat, electro-freestyle, ambient, soulful house, funk and sounds from Brazil. She feels lucky enough be tapped into the supportive and intimate niche communities around the country where she finds listeners, peers and dance floors who are open to good artists outside the mainstream. She takes her knowledge and passion and transmits it through the turntables and mixer whenever the opportunity arises.


"She Wants To Move"
"Soul Nouveaux"
Both mixes available to listen to on SonicBids

Brazillian house/ambient mix, "Sol du Brasil"
Uptempo electro/dancehall/mash-up "Turbo"
to follow in 2008.

Set List

Huge spectrum depending on the vibe intended, the venue, the crowd energy and type of event.
I basically weave hip hop and soul together adding a embroidery with electro-freestyle, dancehall, mashups, soulful house, brazilian and other genres... whatever the mood calls for. I enjoy creating an soundscapes that differ widely in function. A Burningman set is going to be different than a soul lounge, than a hiphop dancefloor in a club, than an art gallery opening.
Artists that find there way into lots of sets?
Chaka Khan
Jill Scott
Mos Def
Red Astaire/Freddie Cruger
Fela or Femi Kuti
Talib Kweli
Stevie Wonder
Angie Stone
Erykah Badu
Platinum Pied Pipers