London, England, GBR

Described as "Refused covering Rage Against The Machine and Tool, whilst an enraged Saul Williams battles Ian McKaye for the mic", Djevara's overwhelmingly passionate and energetic live performances are moving as they are visceral, wrapped up in a fiercely independent DIY punk rock spirit.


Djevara* is an independent rock band based in London, England.

PUNK IS NOT A SOUND - Djevara play a kind of music termed "post-Alles" by fans, "...a visceral and heady mixture of punk rock, crossover alternative metal, post-hardcore, spoken word/urban hip-hop, ambient experimental noise and progressive rock"

Having grown up under the influence of the DIY alternative/punk scenes of the early 80s/90s expoused by bands such as Fugazi, the band have tried to live the philosophy right from the beginning: as a result set up their own label, festivals, shows, art-spaces and tours and continue in their quest to find freedom of expression through music and related artforms.


"God Is White" - 2004 (album)
"Third World War : Cast The First Stone" - 2007 (album)
"The Rising Tide (Part 1): Corsa Al Ribasso" - 2010 (album)

Set List

Djevara's sets include tracks from across the discography, can range in duration from 30 minutes to over an hours of original material.