D. J. Holliwood Dre and YSL

D. J. Holliwood Dre and YSL

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DJ. Holliwood Dre is a 16 Year old D.J./ Producer who spends all so his time banging out them tracks and putting together mix tapes for high school parties. YSL aka Young Street Legions is the name for all of the younguns he met in the street who can rhyme and have a story to tell but have no money. He gives them a chance to get in the studio and get on the mic and tell their stories. He records them and include them in his shows.

Dre Have an amazing ear for music from Hip Hop, and R&B, to Pop, and Rock. He grew up in the studio following his mother who vocal trained and managed several recording artist and well as writers and producers and his father a former bass player for several funk, rock, gospel, and r&b band from 1980 – 1991. In late1991, his father decided to stop traveling and produce music locally while preparing for the arrival of is son William Andre Washington aka Dre who was born May 20th 1992.

When Dre was old enough to walk he picked up a basket ball and he was a natural. He said basket ball was his gift and he wanted nothing to do with the music business but yet, he would let his mom know when one of her vocal students was off pitch or if their rhythm was off. By age 12 Dre had taught himself to create tracks on fruity loop. He got bored with that so summer 2005 he started going into the studio with his mom read the manuals and learned to use Logic Pro 7. His father found some tracks that he had created on Logic. That’s when his parents knew he was interested in music. When school stated back, in August 2005 He had to learn to use Digital Performance because that’s what was available at home. Summer 2006 Dre learned to use pro-tools and his parents found out he could play the piano. At that point they start nurturing his talents. He stated selling his tracks to students at school.

By age 15 DJ. Holliwood Dre produced engineered and mixed music for his friend. He has been making money on local scale doing his own thing. Now it is time for him to expand. He’s a producer, songwriter, rapper engineer, and DJ. He does parties and Live shows

Set List

good Love, Bop, and We got hataz we have been doing show cases for 20 minuets of less but we are prepared to do more. Which includes Jack beats and original lyrics.