DJ Hooligan

DJ Hooligan


From Driftpile,AB. & a DJ for super group REDDNATION. djing since 1993, First recorded CD professinally in the fall of 1996. Since then he's perfected his skills on the decks and is recognized as one of the top Native DJ's in Canada. In Radio at NAIT college, Hooligan has DJ'd events across Canada.


is the name I go by, but there are a couple of other names that I work
under also, like: DJ Madd Katt , DJ Spectrum , and DJ Enigma and
The Drug. I started as a young underground DeeJay in my home until the
age of 16, where my DJ career opened up in 1996 as a radio-DJ with
D.A.R.T. Radio. In 1998 I moved to The Club Upstairs one of High Prairie's
Best Clubs of that time. Besides radio I was doing road shows
with my company Pure N.R.G. Mobile Sound.

My name became more known all over Canada and in 1998 when Trance
music caught my ear, I moved along with this new style of music into
the club scene. Since then I've developed my own style
which is strong grooving hard house-trance.

I've also released more then 15 full length Mixed CD's (only 15 have been pressed for promos), which keep getting
better and better. Dee jaying has become a main part of me ever since I
was young, " Entertaining has always been a way to express myself fully
for I am a musical artist ". DJ Hooligan is an all in one: Producer,
Composer, Writer, Singer and Sound Engineer and also now an on-air announcer and producer for "The DJ Zone" on

(Currently taking Radio Broadcasting at NAIT, Edmonton,AB)


DJ Hooligan - "It was a pleasure to serve you"
DJ Hooligan - "Unda ground pleasures"
DJ Hooligan - "Fallin angel"
DJ Hooligan - "Cloud 9 Alpha & Beta"
DJ Spectrum - "Quik Mix 5.5"
DJ Hooligan - "Unda Ground Sessions Volume 1"
DJ Hooligan - "It'z Da Club Volume 1",
DJ Hooligan - "It'z Da Club Volume 2",
DJ Hooligan - "It'z Da Club Volume 3",
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DJ Madd Katt - "Open House"
DJ Madd Katt vs. DJ Hooligan - "Round 1"
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DJ Madd Katt vs. DJ Hooligan - "Round 2" (*In Production)
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DJ Madd Katt - "Untitled / No Working Title" (*In Production)
DJ Hooligan - "The DJ Zone - Extended & Un-Edited"
DJ Hooligan - "Best of The DJ Zone" (*In Production)

Set List

My set is typically 120 minutes; music festival shows range in 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

I DJ music from Four genres (Trance / Hip Hop / Top 40 / Mash-Ups) Which can be custom tailored to the type of crowd.