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DJ Hoss En Fotz

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band EDM Pop


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Hoss and Fotz spent their entire childhood together in the tiny fishing village of HattarvĂ­k on the Faroe Islands. Unbelievably they are the only reported case of fraternal twins with different fathers.

As is often the case with newborn babies on the islands, growing up was not easy. For Hoss and Fotz, It began with a strange birthing accident in which Fotz flew out of his mothers womb at an unprecedented rate, much to the midwifes surprise. Had it not been for a particularly strong umbilical cord, which acted like a bungee, he may have been dealt far worse brain damage than he still deals with today. The resulting speech impediment has largely been corrected however he still can't say the word "spittle".

Although childhood was generally a happy time for the brothers, it was not entirely free from tragedy. The great tsunami of 1982 robbed them of both fathers and thus forced their mother to go on extended and increasingly frequent whaling expeditions in order to support the family. This time however led to a great turning point in their lives. The small black and white television they owned became their sole source of information and the only station that tuned in was the American channel thirteen. Thus they were introduced to American culture.

Eventually, they were given an old Radioshack AM radio and started their education in American popular music. At first, Hoss would only listen to Wladziu Valentino Liberace but constant pressure from Fotz opened him up to artists such as Sugarhill Gang and Lionel Ritchie. It was the beginning of a musical journey that would take them to places they had yet to even dream of.

Loneliness and exposure to radon led to some extreme self destructive behavior throughout adolescence but by the time the brothers were well into their teens, through constant listening and non-stop practice, they had become a musical force to be reckoned with. However, the playing opportunities on the islands were slim and most often they were asked to perform only fishing songs and a vast array of perverted folk songs. It became apparent that a move was in order.

In the mid-nineties Hoss and Fotz took a leap of faith and stowed away aboard a small whaling ship bound for the American coast. While cramped in the hold of the ship without food, water, or light, the brothers wrote several hits songs and decided to name themselves DJ Hoss En Fotz. It was a time of true re-invention and also the opportunity for both brothers to slim down a bit. They knew that the world was waiting for them and their assault on the American pop charts was about to commence.

Fast forward to some years later in America, having gotten derailed from their musical ambitions and becoming involved in extensive careers at a famous fast food restaurant chain and doing a short stint as cab drivers, Hoss and Fotz are again poised to take over the music world. Although both brothers work visa's have run out and they spend most of their time avoiding capture by INS, the brothers are managing to maintain a prolific musical output and an impressive live performance schedule.

DJ Hoss En Fotz leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime. They need to be seen to be believed. They are the kind of artists who will take you by the hand and drop you off on the corner of musical utopia and grudge sex. There is no explanation, just raw musical penetration.