DJ inspirASIAN

DJ inspirASIAN


The mission is to discover the rich sound of every nation, be it contemporary, urban, underground or mainstream. How DJ inspirASIAN interprets this vibe is to blend and fuse all global influences with electronic and urban beats.


The music of planet Earth is as diverse as the globe is large. While western pop music is ubiquitous, making headlines and dominating airwaves, listening to and exploring the music of the world's many cultures allows further opportunities for universal communication. Lyrics regarding religion, rebellion, and romance are sung in any number of languages, and even while we may not always understand the words, the sentiments do get through. Western music was once mistakenly considered the pinnacle of the sonic arts. Today, however, musicians, musicologists, and listeners alike have learned that music from everywhere in the world has much to teach us--whether it's the intricacies of African polyrhythms, the microtones of Indonesian Gamelan, or the melodic complexity of Indian ragas." Influenced by the world and the globalised product of migrating community in spirit, body and mind.


Not yet released, but have recieved radio airplay for 3 exclusive demo tracks, and having produced remixes for many artists. Part of my growth as an artist is to feel and interpret the art of music through various means and all influences.

Set List

DJ set list is a mixture of all genres, all styles, all beats, and no discrimination. Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Electronic, Jazz, Samba, Soca, Reggae, Dub............and some special personal touches.