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"Britney, Lindsay and Paris Caught Doing 150!"

SHERBROOKE, QUEBEC, CANADA (05/10/08) - Now the trio has been caught doing 150! No, they weren't speeding in their car ... They were doing 150 BPM … as in beats per minute. The police that have caught them this time are in the new single and video release “Britney, Lindsay, Paris” by DJ Islander. This is a well crafted auditory and visual expose of the escapades of three of the media's favorite femme fatales … Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton.

Trance music has always been known for fast tempos, crescendos, breakdowns, and an inherent ability to create an altered state of consciousness. Perhaps it is no irony that DJ Islander's three “media-princesses” are known for these same types of traits! He artistically explores their altered states of consciousness, fast living, high-points and the ensuing breakdowns in an Electro Trance masterpiece that simply says what the whole world thinks of them … “What the F*@K?”

Since 1978 French Canadian DJ Islander has circumnavigated the world of music. He's performed and experimented with everything from concert piano, garage bands, and various subsets of Trance. However, now DJ Islander has set sail into new trade winds and he's ready to share his talent with the world! The “Britney, Lindsay, Paris” track and video is one of two new releases finally to feature original lyrics and DJ Islander himself on vocals. Except for help from his daughter Jessika on backing vocals, this single shows that he can truly do it all!

The music for the song has been remixed from the original “Eins, Zwei, Polizei!” (“One, Two, Police!”) Originally a German children's song, DJ Islander gives the new update an all-adult content and subject matter. While the song has been remixed before by the likes of Modo, DJ Islander takes the song to a whole new level, fitting the theme of the three femme fatales perfectly. Over the top of an addictive melodic synth phrase, the video pulsates out flawlessly synched images in a Trance extravaganza.

In the main verse, the images of the three girls look marvelous at their career highpoints. However, it doesn't take long for the real-life media images to appear and the music style to change to fit the pitfalls. The surreal social statement that DJ Islander is making truly hits home. The breakdowns feature 3D animations of turntables, speakers and a computerized DJ … all spinning is a dizzying array that personifies the three girls' lifestyle. This self released cut is sure to stoke the rave and club scene.
- David Erik, ASCAP


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DJ Islander - Artist Biography
Sailing Starboard and Star Bound

Riding His ".wavs" to a New Digital World

Whether it was nine water nymphs named Muses or Sirens luring sailors to their island, the ocean has always been intertwined with music. For musician, producer and DJ Martin Dufresne - even his stage name reflects his love of the ocean and sailing. Martin took the alias “DJ Islander” after the name of a yaw used by sailor Harry Pidgeon to circumnavigate the globe solo. With a multitude of talents, DJ Islander is well prepared to take his voyage to the world as he sails solo. He is riding his “.wavs” to a new Digital World.

Learning Navigation

DJ Islander was born and raised in French-speaking Sherbrooke, Canada, one of the only major metropolises in the Eastern Townships. His musical voyage began at a very early age when he played his first piano concert at only age eight at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec in June of 1973. This would be one of the few times that Islander would perform publicly; however, he continued to hone his talents and his musical skill sets. As he progressed through childhood and into adolescence, he would become lead singer in a band called “Knuckle Duster” where he developed his vocal skills, and experience in performance. DJ Islander had learned how to navigate.

A Digital Downhaul

The Trance and Electro Pop era of the 1980's and 1990's had a dramatic impact on DJ Islander and his direction in music. As technology began to move faster, he realized that the digital music world had much to offer. In 2004, he began to experiment with computers, samplers, re-mixing and working as a DJ. For Islander, this experience was crucial - he was on a cruise on a new ocean of options available to his creative gifts. Being a DJ was something he loved. He played music in bars, clubs, discos and raves. Now, in his early forties, he has mastered turntables, computerized music and even video production. Trance and Electro provided the perfect medium in which DJ Islander could work and display all his talents at once. He had set a digital downhaul.

An Electro Eye of the Wind

In 2005 and 2006, DJ Islander released the first of his works in Electro Rock with the singles; “Hawaii 5.1,” “Ready to Go,” “666” and “Hocus.” The instrumental tracks were filled with the retro sounds of the 70's and 80's, but remixed with perfection. DJ Islander was to evolve further in 2008, with the release of the Electro Dance, “That's the Way Uh-Huh Uh-Huh” - a prolific remix of the KC & The Sunshine Band hit. This release would be the first to feature his vocals and his video production skills. The addition of video and effects added another dimension to his work. It brought the club scene directly to the listener, an integral thing for his fans and filled his sails ... he had an Electro eye of the wind.

The Trade Winds of Trance

Perhaps the most recent apex of DJ Islander is the 2008 release of “Britney, Lindsay, Paris.” The single and video combined to make an Electro Trance extravaganza of the escapes of the media's three favorite femme fatales … Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton. The video was superbly produced, and the tracks blended seamlessly with the throbbing high tempo, crescendos and breakdowns. The song was remixed from the German song “Eins, Zwei, Polizei!” (“One, Two, Police!”.) Over the top of an addictive melodic synth phrase, the video pulsates out flawlessly synched images in a Trance extravaganza. It was with the release of “Britney, Lindsay, Paris” that DJ Islander had found the trade winds to take his voyage to new heights and shown that he has the talent to compete on a global scale. He had sailed into the trade winds of trance.

Docking in Digital Ports

DJ Islander admits, “I'm not 100% musician … I consider myself a sound engineer - the 'DJ' title is something in the middle.” One thing is certain, while he may not be 100% musician; he is surely 300% creative. The ability to handle so many tasks on his own, and do them flawlessly is perhaps his greatest attribute. He quips, “One of the things I like most is that I am able to do almost everything myself, except perhaps my backing vocal tracks, which my daughter Jessika helps me with.” It's no irony now that DJ Islander has the same traits of his idol Harry Pidgeon, and his yaw named “The Islander.” DJ Islander is able to navigate flawlessly the difficult waters that are the music world. He is able to take all his skills and rely on no one but himself. DJ Islander continues to successfully navigate his way through the “.wavs” of the Digital Music Revolution. He is well equipped for the journey. If you're lucky, one of his tracks or videos will set "port" on your iPod or computer. Keep an eye out on the sea of Digital Music, you'll see DJ Islander, sailing starboard and star bound!