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My music would be describe as an scape outside of everyday life. While everybody is going into one direction we are not afraid to try different things and be good at it. My influences are latin music such as: Merengue, Salsa, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, Reggae and everything that caches our ears that we thing is rich and has something to admire.


On My Way

Written By: Rey

Hook - I’m on my way
And I’m just making sure you’re ready
'cause I wanna step up the pace
And I notice you feel the same
So I can’t wait… baby
2nd part - To be there in your room next to you
Smell the splendid aroma of your perfume
Gotta say I feel fortunate
I can’t believe I got the luck to be with someone like you

Verse 1 - I’m feeling the breeze you’re feeling the heat
And for something to begin with I’m touching you slightly
I see it in your eyes that you’re starting to like me
There’s no need to be scared why you looking so shaky girl
Looking so sexy walking in bare feet
I love it when your skin pop bubbles like pepsi
But for the next step I wantchu undressed
that’s If I could have the privilege

Bridge - Besándonos, tocándonos
Valorando el momento
Gastándonos, haciéndolo
Como se hace el amor
(Déjate llevar por la pasión de la canción)

2nd part of Chorus


Pre-Chorus - And if it’s ok, (ok)
To stay ‘till the next day (I’ll stay)
Cause today is your day
And it wouldn’t make sense if I don’t do all the things you say

Verse 2 - Miss diva solo pida
Que haré lo que me diga
Sin dudas o medidas
Solo porque eres mía
Y si decides ser mi reina
Yo sere tu Rey
And we could do this everyday
Desde la 12 hasta la 6


2nd part of Chorus


Rey - On My Way
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Set List

14 songs about 3-4 mins.