DJ Jake Amora

DJ Jake Amora

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

A nice fusion, of bass packed, dance floor moving, heart pumping tracks to keep the crowd dancing and the party rocking!


Born in Baltimore, MD on September 5th, 1989. Jacob Friedman (aka Jake Amora) got into the scene at an early age. After hearing all of the amazing things DJ's could do he instantly fell in love. From there he decided to start DJing with help from a friend (DJ Eikkon). About 8 months later he started DJing private house parties, and the such. A couple of months after he got together with Christina Savage and decided to start Essence Productions and started playing out at night clubs through out the Baltimore area. Ever since he has been playing in some of the hottest clubs in the Tri-State area and a various amount of large outdoor music events as well. A pro on the tables with a wide variety of skills and tricks to keep the crowd enthused and the music pumping!



Set List

Changes by the week!