DJ Jazznosis

DJ Jazznosis


Though I have an open mind to music, jazz and hip hop are usually my sound’s foundation as a DJ. I explore even more as a producer, fusing a lot of hip hop elements with ambient, soul, rock, jazz, drum & bass and Latin sounds, along with film and television soundbytes.


I grew up listening to jazz and soul to the point where I can have personal visions and a vivid imagination depending on what I hear. Rock and house later played a huge role in my life periodically. Having a love for trip hop and drum & bass now has me listening and applying music by mood as well as through a vision.


"Touched Through Dawn" f/ Dan Peters, "Arabesque," remix of "In Search Of Hope" by Kaidi Tatham, "The Interview" f/Kharacter, "Devotion" f/ FyreMouff.

Set List

Mostly DJ sets unless I have a live performance hosting artists I've collabed with.