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Omemee, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Omemee, Ontario, Canada | INDIE


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This band has not uploaded any videos




You may not want to take a man named JELO seriously, but you will. With big singles like his collaboration with Deadmau5 on "The Reward Is Cheese" to big time remixes for pop stars like Nelly Furtado ("Man Eater") he maintanes a work ethic that has now become indicative of Toronto DJ's and Producers. Being raised on Rock music he later transitioned into becoming a leader in the now legendary Rave scene in Toronto during the late 90's. Currently he is touring non stop with out missing a beat in the studio. You can check him out at the upcoming 2010 Winter Music Conference among other places world wide (check below for a schedule). Recently, Hipster Overkill's Shawn Lucas caught up with JELO on the phone to record this exclusive podcast. - HIPSTER OVERKILL

"Nobody Does It Better Than JELO"

It’s not often that we venture into the realm of house and electro music, but this week on Radio KUL, we’re treating listeners with a very delicious dose of JELO. This exciting Canadian DJ/producer has been a sought after remixer and live act for over a decade, dominating the dancefloors with intense performances that have entertained masses from around the world. His unique ability to mash electro, house, breaks, techno and rock live on the fly seamlessly have earned him the title of “The People’s DJ.”

His discography includes two collaborations with deadmau5, more than 10 original chart-topping releases, 3 mix CDs, and tonnes of remixes including for Nelly Furtado, Monolythe, Divine Brown and Chris Anderson.

This is JELO. - Simon Lee and Alvin

"Toronto House Producers Top Beatport Charts"

Even though Moss Park dance punk duo MSTRKRFT believe that, as dance music artists, "there's much better places for us to be," (this is said right at the 4:16 mark, of all times) Toronto's other homegrown house producers have taken the entire electro world by storm in the last few months. One needs only to point one's browser to the website Beatport, which has quickly become the DJ world's number one website for downloading high-bitrate dance music, and look on the "Top Downloads" panel on the lower right. In that period of time, there has been at least one track by a Toronto-based artist on the Top 10, and in the last five months, at least one Ontarian (if you include Windsor-raised Richie Hawtin, a.k.a. Plastikman.) Here is a brief look at three Toronto artists who have been conquering dancefloors around the world with their popular tracks on Beatport:

Multiple Juno Award-winning Hatiras' breakthrough track "Spaced Invader" was hardly the beginning, but since then, Hatiras has been jamming in the studio, running Hatrax Records and Blow Media, showcasing brand new music with his weekly radio show Hatiras Presents, and selling dance chart topping tunes on Beatport like a machine. At least one of his latest smash hits "Bass Monkeys," "Gutter Music," or "Poppin' Beats," whose launch party was A.D/D.'s RANDOMLAND at CiRCA less than two weeks ago, will be playing on a soundsystem near you in the near future, guaranteed.

The eyes of the world turned to Toronto late last year when they began to watch the rising star Deadmau5. This summer, in the week of August 26, 2007, Deadmau5 had five tracks in the Top 10 on Beatport, making him one of the singularly most successful Beatport artists of all time. Through his label mau5trap, he has released banging tracks like "I Thought Inside Out" (with Chris Lake), "Complications" and "Desynchronised." While it seems like Deadmau5 would have trouble keeping himself in the city for long enough to record new chart toppers with his frequent appearances in Europe and Japan, there is no shortage of his new techy beats for DJ's to devour.

Jelo has been a mainstay of Toronto's club scene for over a decade, with residencies at some of the city's most famous hotspots. A few months ago, Los Angeles-based DJ Dan, sometimes called the world's number one house DJ, spun an unreleased track by Jelo and Deadmau5 called "The Reward is Cheese" to kick off his set at Opulent Temple, the largest soundsystem camp at Burning Man. Cue November 19, 2007, when the track was released on the label Rising Trax. "The Reward is Cheese" instantly soared to number one on Beatport. His latest tune "Darke," featuring a remix by D.A.V.E. The Drummer, is poised for party domination.

It is incredibly rare for any artist in their lifetime to record a Top 10 track, but even rarer for them to be from Toronto. These tunes are currently blasting out of speakers somewhere in the world, bringing the sound of our city to the ears of millions.

Photo of Hatiras at WEMF by Thomas Weller, photo of Deadmau5 and Jelo at BCE Place courtesy of the artists. -


Discography available thru,,, or just google Jelo !



Since 1996 JELO has been a leader in the electronic music scene in Toronto, and over the last few years his influence has been recognized all over the world. JELO makes you dance. Period. His tireless desire to spread joy through music compels him to perform a magical, hard-hitting style that inspires dance-floor revelers to push their limits. No two performances are alike, as JELO crafts each set for it's unique environment. Big or small, the sensation is always a full blown spectacle. Since the inception of JELO, clubs & parties across the globe have taken a cue from his incorporation of the spiciest elements of electro house, techno, breaks and rock, blended with wild mixing abilities.

With over a decade on the decks, JELO has evolved from a DJ to a live remixer and beyond. Many of Canada's top dance music producers have collaborated with JELO, because he has the exact notion of what moves dance floors and drives people to complete elation. Some of these collaborations brought forth certified anthems such as "The Reward is Cheese" (Deadmou5) and "Donkey Punch" (Hatiras). Tracks that dominate charts and dance floors worldwide.

His sets and tracks have been heard all over the world. The intensity of his performances are legendary. A whole generation of dance music lovers have been inspired by JELO to elevate their output on the floor. He responds accordingly with fist pumping, knob tweaking, mix-master worthy head banging excitement. His Authentic delivery and history here in Canada has earned JELO the title of "The people's DJ".

Dedicated to his craft with ferocity, addicted to music, spreading his brand of performance all over the map, JELO is guided by an awesome natural intensity, an astonishing musical dedication and a drive to change the world one beat at a time...