DJ Jenns

DJ Jenns


DJ Jenns provides a stunning mixture of Electro, Hip-Hop, Pop and Mashup's provide something for everyone's enjoyment. The experience speaks for itself.


DJ Jenns aka Dave Christie, is a professional DJ, Shoutcast Engineer, & Event Liason and has been for over 9 years.Based in Scotland, Jenns has performed at over 400 projects & events (including a Live 24 hour set) in Second Life. Previous clients have included Stella McCartney/PETA and Vodafone. DJ Jenns was also asked to perform twice in the award-winning virtual festival Secondfest. DJ Jenns relaxed and genuine rapport with audiences, along with his unique mixing skills and undeniable passion for dance music makes for shows that you really don't want to miss being part of. Using a wide array of electronic equipment to perform and Mix tracks Live Jenns has instant access to over 6,000 dance music tracks, and with the ability to quickly search through his collection, Jenns is well known for being able to mix requested tracks almost as soon as the request comes in.
Winter 2008 saw DJ Jenns take over the slopes in Vacherie, Aosta (Italy) and DJ Jenns is currently negotiating a deal for Winter 2010 in San Fransisco


Portal - Still Alive (DJ Jenn's Remix) -

Set List

Every set is unique so a set list would be impossible