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"Andre Nickatina, Filth and Foul, M.L.S., Minx, Mr. E, DJ Joe Bugz"

The Northwest's premier concert house, restaurant, and nightclub is
located at the Eighth Street Marketplace in the heart of historic
downtown Boise.The Knitting Factory's 1,000-capacity concert
venue features top performers from around the world and dance club
nights every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. - Boise Events

"DJ Joe Bugz"

DJ Joe Bugz will be DJing a free show at Cactus Records & Gifts. He'll be spinning various styles of electronic music - including tracks of his own.
MMP (Mesh Mind Productions) is his production company, and there will be a list to sign to join the mailing list. MMP is a record label that is scouting for new artists, and it is also an electronic dance community for Montana's fans, artists, and anyone interested. We promote MT artists, play live events, sell records, and offer DJing and producing lessons, just to name a few things. DJ's, producers, promoters, dancers, equipment people, artists of any kind, and fans who want to join us and help the scene grow responsibly, stay after the music to meet us and learn more.
(All ages - Free) - Bozeman Events Online

"DJ Joe Bugz, Mr E, The Linx, Filth and Foul 9:00 PM Zebra Cocktail Lounge "

Saturday, January 2nd· Nickel B hosts "Take Nickels Cash" featuring DJ Joe Bugz, Mr E, The Linx, Filth and Foul and Young Sykk· Cash prizes for the top 2 MC's· Tix $5 @ the door

Age Group: 21+
Venue: Zebra Cocktail Lounge
Address: 321 E Main St Bozeman, MT
Phone: 406 585 8851 - Bozeman Events Online

"Live DJ showcase! -Joe Bugz, Griggly, Mesh, Demise, and special guests!"

Cactus Records
Last Date Event Was Held: Fri: Jul 01, 2011
5:00 pm
Friday July 1st at 5 pm, be sure to check out the Cactus In-store all-ages free showcase of live DJ performances being hosted by Bozeman’s newest production company Mesh Mind Productions. On “deck” (get it? “deck?”) are Mesh Mind’s own Joe Bugz, Griggly, Mesh, Demise, and special guests! - The Bozone


The Instrumentals I, Joe Bugz
ABandOn Me
Consistent Wit' It
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Corps Of Poor
Listen To The City (Part II)
Extra Krisp A.
Hard Enough
High Tech
I Miss Summer
The King Of Clubs
Moody Muse

The Instrumentals II, Joe Bugz
The Other
Polar Eyez Intro
Star Games
This Is Meant To Be
Wizard Of Oz
Now You've Got Yours
The Toss
Transit Authority
Devil's March
Don't Make Any Subtle Movements
If You Aren't Dancing…
Cee Everything More Clearer
Rude Interlude
Skool Of Thoughts

The Instrumentals III, Joe Bugz
Never Say Fuck You
How Typical?
A Penny Less
First We Drop
Hold Up
Pull The Lever

Chillaxed, Polar Eyez*
Transit Authority
City Lights
Polar Eyez
Wizard Of Oz
Track Five
113 Strands
*All beats and cuts by Joe Bugz

Double Life, Myster?Enigma* (In Stores and Online Now)
Double Life
Ambitions, No Apologies
Even Though
Give It To You
What I'm Fighting For
If They Hate Me
Proving That It's Possible
Just Trippin'
Book Of Rap History
Roll Along
In His Name
The End Is The Beginning
*All beats and cuts by Joe Bugz

Why Be A Fan When You Could Be A Player?, Joe Bugz (Online)
In The Movies… Mostly
Hardcore Nuclear
Now Here's A Funky Beat
Just Trippin' (Electro Mix)
Harmony (Joe Bugz Remix)
Mooshie Squooshie
Push Play (Feat. Kel-C)

March, 2011, (Live) MMP House Mix, Joe Bugz
April, 2011, (Live) MMP House Mix, Joe Bugz
June, 2011 (Live) MMP House Mix, Joe Bugz
October, 2011 (Live) MMP House Mix, Joe Bugz

MMP Vol. 1 - Joe Bugz Singles 2011
Worthy of What?
Mesh's Breaks (feat. DJ Mesh)
Mesh Mind I
Mesh Mind II
Mesh Mind III
Mesh Mind IV (J Bugz S***)
Mesh Mind V (Come On And Dream)
Mesh Mind VI (So Old-Fashioned)

Headwind In 2012 (The J Bugz Experience) EP
Gettin' Scurry With Miles
What's The Status, McGladdys?
That Magic
Headwind In 2012 (The J Bugz Experience)
Where You're Coming From

Singles 2012 (Cont.)
Fame & Adoration
Tryin' Real Hard (I'm Bringin' It Back)

Singles 2013
Spare Parts
Never Skipped A Beat (Nick Palmieri Collab)



Joe recalls making his own tracks out of parts of his favorite songs using nothing but a dual tape deck and a record button at the age of 10, before he had even heard of electronic music. When Joe was 13 years old, and already a guitar, drums and bass player, he bought his first set of turntables and an old-school Roland sampler and began obsessively practicing his scratching, mixing, and producing hip-hop, electronica, and experimental tracks with every waking hour of free time he had. A few years later, he found his love for true house music while he practiced with his friend and brother-in-law, who had been a long-time Chicago-native house DJ.

Around the same time, Joe teamed up with a reputed local hip-hop crew, Filth & Foul, and began DJ'ing and producing for their live shows. During this time, he traveled out of state to Idaho and Washington state to play larger venues and opening performances for artists such as: Afroman, Ying Yang Twins, Tech N9ne, Paul Wall, Everlast, DJ Quest, Ill Bill, Paperboy, Skee-Lo and more.

In 2009, Joe and an audio engineer built their own two room studio dubbed Crows Nest Recordings where he further honed his studio skills, including recording live and studio performances, mixing, and mastering final product. It was there that Joe collaborated with Reno, Nevada native, Mr. E (Myster?Enigma) to create their own hip-hop release from scratch that was named Double Life. And currently, they have begun production on their second release entitled, Successful Struggle, and anticipate it to be finished this spring, 2012.

Now at age 23, Joe has expanded his growing studio, and with three other DJ's, created their own independent record label known as Mesh Mind Productions. He headlines gigs where he spins both original and hand-picked selections of groovy tracks that are quickly gathering a following of people who love to dance to fresh styles of music.

In 2010, Joe had his first original solo release, Why Be A Fan When You Can Be A Player?, and is selling copies online and on the road.

In 2011, Joe had been honing his production skills, playing many shows, growing a fan base, and becoming more intimate with his audience. The past couple of years have seen his most success, and he will continue on this path as long as there is a floor to burn!