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Rahzel's dj for a decade.. sounds like Mixmaster Mike meets Jazzy Jeff... official rock steady crew dj... one of the most accomplished touring djays and indie hiphop producers... scratches with his foot! a must see DJ!! he has performed at over 100 COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES throughout the USA!!! wow!



DJ JS-1 has performed at a large number of colleges and universities, concerts, and festivals.

Some of them include:

Keene - Bowdoin - Michigan State - Florida State - NYU - USD - Cal Poly Tech - Evergreen College - William & Mary - James Madison university - UCLA - Boston college - UMASS - Amherst - Colgate - New Hampshire State - New Mexico State College - Univ of Southern Mississippi - Trinity College - Fordham University - USC - Williams College - Syracuse -
Clarkson University - Univ of Maryland - Tufts - Oberlin college - Alfred University -
Rhode Island University - Stetson University - Suny Purchase - Suny Albany - Suny Binghampton - Suny Stonybrook - East Stroudsburgh University - Manhattan College - Bryant College -
Westfield College - Plymouth State - Cornell University - Brandeis University - Middlebury College - Wentworth College - St. Lawrence College - Manhattanville College - Goucher College - Delaware Valley College - Lowell/Umass - Chapman College - West Virginia University - Lehigh College -Plattsburgh - Mississipi State - California State University – Oregon State University –
University of Nevada – South Dakota State University – Washington & Jefferson College –
Grand Valley State University – Drew University – St. Josephs – Ohio University -

(this is only about half of them, I lost track over the years)

Some of the acts we've opened for or played with:

Common, Ben Harper, Dashboard Confessional, O.A.R., Jurassic 5, SugarRay,
50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang Clan, Wyclef Jean, Bjork, RUN DMC,
Orgy, Everlast, The Roots, Cypress Hill, Beck, The Beastie Boys, FunkMaster Flex,
Train, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-one, MixMaster Mike, Qbert, Black Violin, Talib Kweli,
The Pharcyde, Arrested Development, All American Rejects, Redman & Methodman, Pat Mcgee Band, Atmosphere, Smashing Pumpkins, George Clinton, Lupe Fiasco, De La Soul,
and many more....

Some of the festivals or events we’ve played at:

Coachella, CA (twice), Rock The Bells (NY & LA), CMJ, Good Vibes (Australia),
Sonar Fest (spain), WMC (Miami), Osheage Fest (montreal), Montreux Jazz Fest (France/Switz),
Reading Fest (England), Splash Fest (Germany, twice), etc, etc…

Some of the TV appearances or show:

MTV hiphop week, MTV Jams, MTV DJ Day, MTV New Years Eve Millenium Party,
MTV Campus Invasion Tour Special, MTV News (on Campus Invasion w Ananda),

BET commercial for Rap City
BET Rap City The Bassment (4 times)
BET mardi gras special w Tigger
BET police brutality Rap City meeting

TNN James Bond Week Commercial

NBC Regis & Kelly Morning Show July 6th, 2007

FOX Eurosport Bboy Championships (Europe)

MTV Australia

MTV Germany / Austria

Over the past decade, the hip-hop turntablist has gained immense popularity and mainstream recognition. No doubt, one deejay at the forefront of this movement is Queens-born JS-1. One half of the infamous team with Rahzel, ex-beatboxer of The Roots, JS-1 has released 3 albums, “Ground Original,” “Claimstake,” & “Audio Technician” through Fatbeats Distribution, Bomb Records and Studio Distribution. All three albums feature a bevy of hip-hop heavy-hitters, including Common,KRS-1, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Royce Da 5’9”, OC, Masta Ace, Casual, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Jeru Da Damaja, Dice Raw of The Roots, Prince Poetry of Organized Konfusion, Planet Asia, Tragedy Khadafi, Ill Bill of Non-Phixion, J-Live, C-Rayz Walz, and Supernatural to name just a few.

For JS, the road to making these records has been a long, but eventful one. In 2001, JS set himself apart from all the other turntablists by working with some of the biggest names in hip-hop and releasing many unforgettable singles. Just take, “Essentials,” the (2001) track featuring KRS-ONE and Rahzel and “Take A Loss” (2001) featuring Kool G Rap. In 2002, he dropped “Beyond”, featuring OC, “Licensed 2 Ill” featuring Ill Bill of Non-Phixion, and “While I’m Dancin” featuring Common. In 2003, his cuts “Guess” featuring Rahzel and “Won’t Stop” featuring Jeru Da Damaja were guaranteed underground classics. In 2004, The Audio Technician 12” single with Immortal Technique dropped on Bomb records. In the same year, JS-1 also mixed and co-produced Rahzel’s first all-beatbox mix cd on Sureshot records. That mix cd featured FunkMaster Flex, RZA, Everlast, Black thought and many more. In total, JS has released over 8 singles, 3 albums, and 5 break records, and countless classic mix cd’s, all between 2000 and 2006. In 2005, DJ JS-1 has used his time in between making new albums and touring, to go back to his mixtape roots. In 2005 JS-1 released “Mashed Potatoes”, an all-mash-up mix cd, and “In Da Tunk”, which made the SOURCE magazine top 5 mix cd’s. Now, in 2006, JS has released “THE COMMON COLLECTION” hosted by COMMON, and his latest break record, Scratch Roulette 2. The first Scratch Roulette is one of the best selling DJ sound fx records ev


DJ JS-1: DISCOGRAPHY as of 2007:
1)produced-“Itchy Vinyl Session/Babylon 5” w/Dj Spinbad-Return of the DJ Vol.2- Bomb Records.1996
2)produced-“Cold Cutz” w/Dj Spinbad & Dj Slynke-Return of the DJ Vol.3-
Bomb Records.1997
3)co-produced-“Pump Me Up”(12”b-side) w/Will Smith-Willenium-Columbia Records.1998
4)produced-“No Competition” w/Common-Traffic Jamz-Warlock Records.1999
5)produced-“Let’s Dance” –Traffic Jamz-Warlock Records.1999
6)produced-“Dangerous” w/Dj Spinbad-Return of the DJ Vol.4-Bomb Records.1999 7)scratches-“Coward of the Year”(12” single) w/Controls, Aesop Rock, and Percee P-One Hundred-Smile Records.1999
8)scratches-One Hundred Album-w/Controls-Smile Records.1999
9)scratches-“Flame On” w/Big Daddy Kane-Game Over 2-Yosumi Records.2000
10)scratches-“Mobb Niggaz” w/Infamous Mobb & Prodigy of Mobb Deep-Game Over 2-Yosumi Records.2000
10)scratches-“Brooklyn”w/Master Foul-Game Over 2-Yosumi Records.2000
11)scratches-“Boy to a Man” w/Rise-Official Jointz-offcial jointz records.2002
12)co-produced –“Essentials”(12”single) w/KRS-one & Rahzel-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2001
13)co-produced – “Take a Loss” w/Kool G Rap (12”single)-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2001
14)scratches-“Hold Dat”(12”b-side) w/Choclair & Solitair-Yosumi/Ground Original.2001
15)scratches-“Did 1 Like This”(12”b-side) w/Trez-Yosumi/Ground Original.2001
16)produced-“Complicated”(12”b-side)-Yosumi/Ground Original.2001
17)produced-“Untitled Abuse”(12”b-side)w/Dj Ody-Roc-Yosumi/Ground Original.2001
18)scratches-“Don’t Understand”(12”single)w/Masta Ace & Greg Nice-Disposable Arts-Yosumi Records.2002
19)scratches-“Acknowledge”(12”b-side)w/Masta Ace-Disposable Arts-Yosumi Records.2002
20)co-produced-“Beyond”(12”single)w/OC-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
21)produced-“The Aftermath”(12”b-side)w/Dj Ody-Roc-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
22)scratches-“Arrogant”(12”b-side)w/Tonedeff,Substantial,Pack Fm,&Rise-Ground Original-Ground Original.2002
23)produced-“Nowadayz”(12”b-side)w/Evidence of Dilated Peoples, C-Rayz Walz, Pep Luv, & React-Ground Original-Ground Original.2002
24)co-produced-“Licensed 2 Ill”(12”single)w/Ill Bill of Non-Phixion-Ground Original-Ground Original.2002
25)produced-“Rock Showz”(12”b-side)w/Dj Ody-Roc-Ground Original.2002
26)produced-“Licensed 2 Ill Remix”(12”b-side)w/Ill Bill of Non-Phixion-Ground Original-Ground Original.2002
27)produced-“Ak Like U Want It”w/Akrobatik-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
28)scratches-“CrossBreed”w/Trez & Tragedy Khadafi-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
29)co-produced-“Unstoppable”w/Planet Asia & Percee P-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
30)produced-“Spontaneous Combustion”w/Dice Raw of the Roots & Rahzel-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
31)co-produced-“Rest Assured”w/Skoob of Das Efx, Strick, & React –Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
32)produced-“Audio Technician”w/LifeLong & Immortal Technique-Ground Original & Audio Technician album-Yosumi/Ground Original & Bomb Records.2002&2004
33)co-produced-“Puttin in Work”w/Big Daddy Kane-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
34)produced-“What Am I part2”w/Special Ed-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
35)co-produced-“What Am I part1”w/Masta Ace-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
36)co-produced-“Lights Out”w/Royce Da 5’9”-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
37)co-produced-“X-Posed”w/Casual-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
38)co-produced-“Drugs In My Vein”w/C-Rayz Walz & Breez Evahflowin-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
39)co-produced-“Turn It Up!”w/Punch N Words-Ground Original-Yosumi/Ground Original.2002
40)produced-“Rock Breaks Vol.1” Break Beat album-Ground Original.2002
41)produced-“While Im Dancin”(12”single)w/Prime Houston & Common-Echelon records.2003
42)produced-“While Im Dancin Remix”(12”b-side)w/Prime Houston & Common-Echelon records.2003
43)scratches-“Move Like This Remix”(12”single)w/Trez, Little, & Tragedy Khadafi-Ground Original.2002
44)produced-“Wont Stop”(12”single)w/Jeru the Damaja-Claimstake-Echelon records.2003
45)produced-“Truth”w/Breez Evahflowin-Claimstake-Echelon Records.2003
46)produced-“Rule#4080”(12”b-side)-Claimstake,Real Deal,Audio Techinican-Echelon records & Bomb Records.2003.2004
47)produced-“My Instrument ‘97”w/React & Percee P-Claimstake-Echelon Records.2003
48)co-produced-“Truly Incredible”w/Supernatural-Claimstake-Echelon records.2003
49)produced-“Ground Original”w/React-Claimstake-Echelon Records.2003
50)co-produced-“Never Know Whats Next”w/Trez,Ric Rude,& K-Rime-Claimstake-Echelon records.2003
51)scratches-“Day in the Life”w/Chase Phoenix-Claimstake-Echelon records.2003
52)scratches-“Old Joke”(12”single)w/C-Rayz Walz-Subverse Records.2003
53)scratches-“SoulCrush”w/Session-Claimstake-Echelon records.2003
54)co-produced-“All of Yall”w/J-Live-Claimstake-Echelon records.2003
55)co-produced-“NY Minute Remix”w/L-Fudge & Mr. Comp

Set List

shows/concerts: will play anywhere from a short half hour set to a 2 hour set, or in between other acts. JS1 is a performance & party dj, scratching, juggling, blending, etc.. playing a variety of genres of music, from rock, hiphop, funk, disco, bboy breaks, 80's, mash-ups and more. Record knowledge at its fullest use, while also keeping most crowds entertained visually as well.

for clubs parties: will play 2 to 4 hour sets of all the party classics to keep the floor packed... will also do tricks, juggle, and blend different genres.

RAHZEL & JS1 show: usually one hour of the world's best beatboxer vs DJ JS-1. One of the most entertaining shows that works at all shows.